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Showing posts from July 22, 2007

My Downs and Ups

This week was kinda interesting. Monday is typically a day off from training. Although I sometimes hop on the road bike for an easy spin, I had absolutely no energy for the entire day. I went on with my normal routine (nutrition consultations, personal training, laundry, etc.) but all I wanted to do was SLEEP! I've been putting in big mileage weeks w/ most of my time spent on the bike. With around 250 miles a week of riding, I'm not only putting in big volume, but I'm pushing harder than ever. I want to get faster and stronger in all three disciplines but I know that I can make major improvements with my cycling. I hoped that my lake of energy on Monday would disappear during the night and when my alarm went off at 4:40am on tuesday morning, I was not feeling like myself. So, a bit of overtraining got the best of me. With my gradual increase in volume comes more pressure to work harder. I recover quick and I'm never sore more than a couple hours after training, so I fee

Feeling lazy...and I love it!

I am beat. Seriously, every part of my body is aching. Not to the extent that I just finished an Ironman or a Marathon, but I am moving very slow. I really don't get "sore" I just get tired. My body is tired. Saturday morning I watched the guys do a fun circuit race in landsbrook. 6 loops of our normal Wed night ride and the guys split into 4 teams of 4. They all worked together, sprinted at a certain point of each loop to get points and they looked like they were having fun and working hard. I, of course, did not participate and road on the other side of the road and did my 6 loops and pushed hard to average 20-21 mph by myself. After they finished Karel rode home to get ready for work (yes-he works on saturday, what a bummer) and I rode with some of the guys for a bit longer. I ended up going an extra 20 miles by myself to put in my needed mileage. After getting home a bit before 12, I had put in 65 miles on my bike in about 3 hours and 45 minutes and quickly put on my