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Are you ready to try a triathlon?

For more info, click HERE. If you've been thinking about trying a triathlon, I encourage you to consider an indoor triathlon. Indoor triathlons have become very popular at gyms, YMCAs and other types of athletic clubs as a fun winter indoor event. It's a safe place to start if you want to see/experience what a triathlon is all about. An indoor triathlon includes a swim in an indoor pool, cycling on a stationary bike and run on a treadmill (or around a track) - either for a set time or miles. Unlike a standard triathlon where you swim in an open body of water and ride/run on the road, an indoor triathlon takes place, yep you guessed it - entirely indoors! And no need to invest in a lot of equipment or gear. All you need is a swim cap, goggles, swim suit, running shoes and cycling shorts - all things that you can find at your local run, tri or bike shop (or online). As an example, the Kroc Center in Greenville is putting on an indoor triathlon on February 5th. You can find more

Addressing the body positive movement and weight loss

Picture source Body positivity challenges the ways in which our society presents, celebrates and views bodies.  Sadly, far too many body shapes and types have been shunned by the mainstream media or not classified as beautiful. Our society has a fixation on the "tiny" ideal and encourages everyone to fit the social standards of being lean. This is why there are so many movements promoting body positivity. Because many people feel discriminated against because their body doesn't meet the "ideal" image, the body positive movement challenges social norms and promotes the belief that all bodies - regardless of size, shape, gender, physical abilities or skin tone - should be accepted. The body positivity movement is a necessary movement but it can also be controversial - can you have a positive relationship with your body and desire weight loss/a change in your body composition?  First off, it is a myth that large bodies are unhealthy. Being bigger doesn't mean b

Live a more courageous life

On Sunday (January 8th), Facebook shared this memory of Campy from 2014. Not only was Campy just a young pup at six years old but this was a very important moment in our life - it was our first trip to Greenville, SC. We were living in Jacksonville, FL and after six years, we were ready for a change. Although there was nothing forcing us to move, we felt like there was more to life for us and it wasn't in Florida.  It was extremely risky to move from Florida to South Carolina. This was a big change and nearly everything that we would be experiencing would be new for both of us.  Thankfully, Greenville, SC. has been the perfect place for us to grow our business and to live an active and healthy lifestyle.  For much of my life, I hated change. I feared failure and I did not like stepping out of my comfort zone. Karel has helped me become much more courageous. With Karel leading the way in most of our adventures, it has forced me to understand (and work through) that paralyzing moment