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Stressed about stress eating?

For most of us, stress and food go hand in hand. It's been a crazy day. On impulse, you grab a chocolate bar, a box of cookies or a bag of chips. You only plan to take just a few bites. And before you know it, know what happens next. We have all been there. Stress and food cravings In the short term, stress can shut down appetite. For a lot of people, there’s a lack of appetite during stressful situations. Within the brain, the hypothalamus releases a hormone, which suppresses appetite. The brain also sends messages to the adrenal glands (sitting on top of the kidneys) to pump out the hormone epinephrine (you may know it as adrenaline). Epinephrine helps trigger the body's fight-or-flight response, a hyped-up physiological state that temporarily puts your appetite on do-not-disturb. All of this is very normal. An example that comes to mind is race day morning. I’ve worked with many athletes who struggle to take even a small bite of a piece of toast in the

What you need to know: heat acclimatization

Remember when you were complaining about the cold weather? Hello summer heat! The body has many mechanisms to help adapt to a range of environmental conditions. Heat acclimatization plays a major role in the body’s physical responses and overall ability to perform the heat. What is heat acclimatization?  Heat acclimatization (or acclimation) involves biological adaptations that reduce physiological strain (ex. heart rate and body temperature), improve comfort, improve exercise capacity and reduce the risks of serious heat illness during exposure to heat stress. Heat acclimatization can occur in a hot and dry environment as well as a hot and humid environment. Acclimatization varies person to person and also depends on the volume of exercise, the intensity of exercise, hydration status and fitness level. Trained athletes and those with less body surface area will generally (but not always) have more physical advantages to tolerating the heat compared to the untrained or those

Are you struggling to train in the heat?

Acclimatization Complete heat acclimatization requires up to 14 days but the systems of the body adapt at varying rates. Be mindful that every time you train in the heat, you gain more tolerance to the heat. In other words, you do not need to make an effort to train in the hottest time of the day acclimate to the heat. Continue to build fitness in a temperature controlled environment, alongside training in the heat (you don't need to be outside in the heat for every workout). There's no point suffering in the heat if you are unable to complete a workout and stay consistent with your training. Sometimes you just need to stay indoors. Change in physiology It is very important to lower the intensity during the first 1-2 weeks of training in the heat (ex. early summer) as your body is trying to improve control of cardio functioning. Be mindful that acclimatization will require you to reduce your effort/intensity so be OK with seeing slower paces/watts in the first few

A Local's Guide: What to Do in Greenville, SC

Lodging If you are planning a cycling-focused train-cation in Greenville, SC, there are a few options for lodging. You can always go the VRBO/Airbnb route or book a hotel but there are a few other options to make your stay feel more like home. Swamp Rabbit Inn TR  (Traveler's Rest) - closer to the mountains/bike-friendly routes Swamp Rabbit Inn Greenville (downtown) - walking distance to our award-winning downtown The Bike Barn  (close to Furman University and the Swamp Rabbit Trail) Swamp Rabbit Trail  The SRT connects downton Greenville to downtown Traveler's Rest. With over 20 miles of paved road, you can run, bike or walk on our heavilyused trail. If you are close to downtown, be sure to stop at the Swamp Rabbit Cafe and grocery for a delicious treat or Stecca bread. Falls Park  Our picture-worthy downtown has everything you would want in a downtown. Small businesses, farm-to-table restaurants, a park, waterfall, a scenic bridge and so much more. Located in t