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2015 Trimarni kits - the store is OPEN!!!!

After months of imagination, design, formatting and tweaking...... the 2015 Trimarni kits are ready for your awesome body in motion!! The Trimarni store is now OPEN!! Karel did an AMAZING job designing the kits and Canari really did an excellent job helping Karel get his vision/design come to life.  And, we could not be more excited to have the support of some small and large businesses who believe in Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition.  ONE-TIME ORDER!! As much as we wish we could offer our kits year-round, we are not in the clothing business so our custom clothing is a once-a-year, one-time deal.  For the past two years, we have offered our kits to the public (and not just to the Trimarni coaching athletes) and we just love seeing our kits in action on race day, on all bodies, of all fitness levels. We know that it's easy to not feel in "racing mode" right now and you may unintentionally pass up this offer. But believe us when we say that your rac

Smashed apple and cream cheese stuffed pumpkin spiced crepes

Crêpes - very thin pancakes.  What a perfect post workout meal.   Depending on the filling, this is a perfect option for athletes/fitness enthusiasts who struggle with overeating/undereating post workout. Crepes are not too heavy or light so it fits the bill when it comes to a perfect carbohydrate-rich meal to go along with your recovery drink (or post-workout protein choice like yogurt, eggs, cottage cheese or lean meat). Plus, you can make these ahead of time, let them cool and the refrigerate them for easy prep after your workout.  Although crepes may not be typical in your cooking resume, they are super easy to make. Essentially, they are like thin pancakes, made with a runny/soupy batter.  Karel is all too familiar with crepes as they are very popular in Europe - much more so than traditional American pancakes.  During my long run yesterday, I had 10 running miles to create this delicious creation in my head. While running in on and off cold drizzling rain

Homemade butternut squash soup with a kick

I can't believe it. My first homemade butternut squash creation. And it tasted SO good! Throughout 3.5 hours of riding with Karel this morning (aka suffering with beautiful views), I was thinking about food. This is nothing abnormal for me because most of my delicious creations come to me while training. I was thinking that I just had to do something with the butternut squash that I bought at Trader Joe's a few days ago. I bought the squash with every intention to make butternut squash soup but I was a bit nervous as this soup would require multiple steps and well, I'm kinda a one-skillet (or I love my oven) type of cook. Karel and I had a lot of work to do this afternoon for Trimarni which kept us super busy but as the day winded down, it was time for workout #2.  After Karel and I finished our last workout of the day (a 35 minute form focused yet hilly run around downtown Greenville around 5;30pm), it was time.  Time to get busy in my favorite place - my

Holiday eats - Czech style

Another wonderful holiday with my Czech hubby. Karel has not celebrated Xmas with his family (who all live in Znojmo, Czech Republic) in over 15 years. It means so much to me to make this holiday all about Karel and his family who are not able to be with us in the US. Every year, Karel shares his memories with me and I never get tired of hearing the same stories over and over. I just love being married to a European because his up bringing was very different than mine, as well as his traditions around the holidays.  This year was extra special because Karel and I welcomed my mom to enjoy our traditional Czech dinner on Dec 24th with us...this was the first time in 8 years that we had someone at our table to enjoy our spread of food with us!  The traditional Czech Xmas dinner is very simple although each family can certainly add modifications. It is customary to eat this dinner on Christmas eve and after the meal, the Christmas tree is "revealed" with all the lights a

Happy Holidays!!

Sending our wishes to you for a happy, healthy, fun, safe and memorable holiday season.  Thank you for your continued Trimarni support! -Marni, Karel and Campy

The off-season weight debate - lose, maintain, gain?

Over the past few years, I find myself finishing the year, thinking of my year in terms of what I have accomplished as well as reflecting on my current state of health. As I get older, I find myself dreaming bigger, working harder and loving life more and more but I also take note on the things that are working well and what I want to continue to work on in my own personal journey of life. And I can't achieve anything if I am not healthy. When it comes to my workout routine and my diet (two of the most common popular New Year Resolutions), I find that for me, I have done so much personal growing when it comes to my workout routine and diet. This did not happen quickly and it wasn't always easy. If the grass looks greener on my side, just keep in mind that it took a lot of watering and experimentation. So when I think about where I am right now in my life, I feel that I'm in a great place in my life as I feel balanced and my choices (diet/working out) are simply

Compare less. Be You.

Two weeks ago, Campy and I had a sleepover at my mom's house while Karel was in Jacksonville for RETUL bike fits. I borrowed my mom's car to go to the Y for a swim on Saturday morning and when I returned home, I learned that while walking Campy, my mom had locked herself out of her rental home on accident. We finally managed to get inside but throughout a 30-minute freak-out situation, I couldn't help but think about Campy who was really just having the best morning ever. He got to go for a really long walk that morning, he was able to play outside in the morning and by the time we finally got inside, Campy was exhausted from his morning of fun. Campy had no idea he was locked out for over an hour because he was just having another great day of life.  Although I realize that Campy does get a bit stressed out when Karel and I leave him at home, Campy's perspective of life is so different than it is for the rest of us. Campy doesn't live on a strict time sche

Fueling the vegetarian endurance athlete - Part 2!

Thank you  Girls Gone Strong  for letting me share my thoughts on fueling the vegetarian endurance athlete.  As a 22-year vegetarian and 9x Ironman finisher, I had so much to say on this topic so we decided to make it a two part series and finish with a Q&A on the Girls Gone Strong Facebook page!                                                                              To read the articles:  Part 1  &  Part 2  Q&A Q: On Tuesday, in this article  you gave some guidelines   for protein, carb, and fat requirements for female endurance athletes. Do the numbers look different for women who mostly strength train, and whose goals are strength-based?    If so, how do they differ?   A: Thanks for asking   !  The main focus of fueling an endurance athlete is ensuring that glycogen stores are not the limited as we want to keep our bodies energized for the long haul. I am a firm believer that endurance athletes need a healthy amount of fat in the diet to s

12 reasons why you shouldn't diet

Have you found yourself (for non clinical reasons) recently eliminating food sources or food groups titled dairy, sugar, grains, gluten, refined foods, carbs or un-natural in an effort to eat more “clean” or because those foods are bad? It’s ok to have good intentions with diet changes as you want to better understand what foods work best for your body in motion but extreme dietary shifts in eating patterns are one of the most common red flag signs that you may be developing (or furthering) your unhealthy relationship with food and your body. Sure, improvements in any area of life require attention and perhaps some degree of obsession but when your eating/food thoughts and habits are all-consuming and have taken over your life, it’s time to re-evaluate your relationship with food. If you are a performance-driven athlete, keep in mind that rule-based eating does not take into account your personal needs, your performance goals, your periodized training plan, your lif