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Read this to be inspired

I'm not one for excuses. Too many people expect to be perfect and because of that, excuse actions, repeatedly, because they aren't living up to personal extreme expectations. I believe in owning up to your habits and holding yourself accountable to making things happen.  For if the intent is there, hopefully the action will follow. But if the intent is there but the task at hand seems too overwhelming, well that is when the mindset needs to be changed so that every day isn't filled with excuses and no results. I believe every person can accomplish at least one thing a day to make for a better tomorrow. For you can't expect everything in life to be easy. You have to accept what is given to you for the day and just focus on what you CAN do to make for a better tomorrow. The other day I was counseling a client with motivational interviewing (a very powerful technique I learned during my dietetic internship, specifically while interning at Preferred Nutrition  - who

Triathletes n' Training

Two words. Diet and Sleep. There's really no other way that I would be able to function on a daily basis...for I have a lot of contained and natural energy for life and I want to be sure I perform beautifully on a daily basis....forever. Every day I strive keep my body fueled with food that makes me feel good inside and to rest my body for 7-8 hours, every night of the week. For triathlon training is my lifestyle and not my life. I don't have to be a triathlete to be healthy (not to mention an Ironman lover) so I consider my triathlon training a gift that I have been given for my body allows me to train optimally on a daily basis - so long as I reward it with healthy fuel and adequate sleep. On Sunday morning, I did a 5 mile run (average pace 7:30 min/miles) just to wake up the legs. Saturday's brick was tough so I welcomed a change in the routine from a normal "Sunday long run". After my run, my bike took me to the biggest mountain near my place...o

Super simple lifestyle tips - really, just that simple!

Thanks Northwest Mutual for having me speak today about a topic that I am so passionate about..healthful living! If you are interested in me speaking to your company/business, send me an email. My power points are always very entertaining and fun to watch - your group will never get bored, I promise! Hopefully I can get the video uploaded soon so I can share with was a great group and the talk went great! So, I had a fantastic blog written but my computer decided to clear it all and now it is time for bed so without wasting my energy on something that is now out of my control, I'm going to go snuggle with Campy to make me feel happy again. To get you motivated for a brand new day tomorrow, I leave you with this (below) as I conclude a jam-packed day today .......which I will re-blog tomorrow after I do my swim and strength workout in the early morning and then help to teach the Diabetes Class at Baptist Medical Center Beach

Did you see this yet?

June just came and went. Whewww...what a month! Hopefully you are enjoying mid-summer and finding yourself moving closer to your goals. In case you missed it... My latest Iron Girl Column on Planning a Healthy Event. Karel made us homemade pizza (dough from grocery store) on 4th of July with sauteed spinach, garlic and onions (just like his mom would make back in Czech when he was a young boy). The pizza was delicious - he made 1 personal pan pizza (glass casserole dish) and LOTS of spinach. The pizza had veggie meat, corn, onions, garlic, marinara sauce and tomatoes. YUMMO! On Saturday night, I made a yummy dinner. On top of spinach - sauteed veggies (yellow bell pepper, eggplant, peas, mushrooms, purple cabbage and onions) in olive oil, mixed with wild rice. Another YUMMO! My latest Plate Not Pills Column from Lava Magazine on pyridoxine  (check on my zippy cabbage slaw creation on the left side link). Campy looking cute - like always. Is there a way t

EVERYTHING you need to know about sport nutrition

WARNING: LONG INFORMATIVE BLOG. At the ISSN conference in Clearwater. Dr. Graves was one of my graduate professors and played an instrumental role in my education, especially how to become a better public speaker. Sports nutrition is a fascinating topic. As a professional in the field, I find it absolutely intriguing and challenging, in terms of understanding the metabolism and physiology of the body during exercise. As an athlete, I know it is one of the few determining factors that can make or break a race (with the other factors being proper training, pacing, attitude and gear/clothing). From an outsider’s perspective, I’m sure sports nutrition is challenging alongside confusing, overwhelming, stressful and unclear. One of the most difficult parts of "sport nutrition" is the battle between health and body image. According to Tufts Health and Nutrition Letter (July 2012, vol 30, number 5), your cardiovascular health improves if you meet at least 6 of the 7 heart-h