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IMWI Race Report - Awards and Kona slot distribution

My dad had this incredible way of making the best of every situation. I really looked up to my dad because he lived a very positive life despite the many obstacles that he had overcome in all years of his life. He was always happy and smiling. He taught me that no matter how hard something may be in life, nothing feels better than finishing something that you start. I commend my dad for never giving up on his 10 month fight with cancer. My dad was incredibly fit and healthy but he had an amazing new amount of strength since his first day of being diagnosed with an incurable type of cancer. I wish so badly that my dad could have crossed his finish line to be a cancer survivor and more so, to live life with me today. But I know he really gave a strong effort despite all the obstacles that he faced from June 2013 until May 28 th , 2014. It’s very bitter sweet that our 2014 triathlon season ended on a high note because our past year was not without adversity. The soreness, ac

IMWI Race Report: 26.2 mile run

My first Ironman journey was special. Everything was a first for my body while training for IMFL in 2006.  My first 100 mile ride (which was celebrated with pancakes with my boyfriend Karel and my mom and dad). My first long brick. My first day off after my first solid weekend of peak IM training. I just loved that every long run became my longest run of Ironman training. On race day, it was the most incredible day knowing that my entire race was a day of firsts for my body. My first 2.4 mile open water swim. My first 112 mile bike ride and my first time running a marathon finish my first 140.6 mile event. Although the distance hasn’t changed since I crossed my first Ironman finish line, each time the journey is different. There are obstacles, highs and lows but I have learned to accept nothing will be like my first Ironman journey. Looking ahead, I will be training for my 10 th Ironman and 4 th Ironman World Championship. Just like IMWI and the ones the preceded i

IMWI Race Report: 112 mile bike

It’s no easy task to train for and race in a 140.6 mile event as it is huge undertaking for the body and requires a big commitment in life. I can’t believe that in the past 14 months, I have crossed 4 Ironman finish lines. For three of those races, I had 3 consecutive PR finishing times (10:43, 10:37, 10:17). Incredibly, in 2013 I raced two Ironman races within 14 weeks from one another and in 2014, I raced two Ironman races within 11 weeks of one another. My body has not only let me  finish every Ironman I have started but I also recently qualified for the Ironman World Championships twice, within the past 14 months. In the past 14 months, Karel (who just learned how to swim 2 years and 2 months ago) has progressed extremely quickly with his triathlon fitness and is now racing at the top of his age group. As Karel and I continue learn more about the sport of endurance triathlons, we continue to train and race smarter. And the biggest contributor to us getting faster and