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In case you missed it! Recent podcast interviews.

It's always a special opportunity for me to share my words in a podcast interview. Of course, a great podcast interview requires a great host and I was in great company for my two podcast interviews over the past two weeks. Enjoy! I COULD NEVER DO THAT - Carrie Sapp Barrett Marni Sumbal prides herself on dreaming big and working hard. It's evident in her work as a Board Certified Sport Dietitian with a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology in Greenville, South Carolina, where she also runs a successful multisport and nutrition coaching practice.  It's also displayed daily in her athletic endeavors as a 14x IRONMAN finisher and 6x World Championship Qualifier. Today, she discusses the fruits of her latest dream come true - her new book called  Essential Sports Nutrition - A Guide to Optimal Performance for Every Active Person. Essential Sports Nutrition  is the new authoritative reference to eat right for an active lifestyle. Sports nutrition is a vital

4 hydration mistakes you are probably making

As an athlete, if your diet and hydration meets the training demands placed on your body, you will perform at your best, reduce risk for injury and illness and improve longevity in your sport. If you suffer from flat training sessions, subpar race performances, inconsistent training efforts, fatigue, injuries, chronic niggles, digestive issues, sleep disturbances and a reasonable amount of cold symptoms, you probably lack the essentials of a training diet that will boost your immune system and encourage optimal training enhancements. In my book, Essential Sports Nutrition ,  I start the first chapter discussing the topic of hydration. Why hydration? Despite not providing the body with energy (in the form of calories), water is the most essential nutrient in a healthy, performance-focused diet. Every tissue, organ, cell and body system requires it. Whereas you can survive for over a month without food, you can only survive but a few days without drinking water. Because your b

Customized painting for high performance bikes, helmets and wheels

When you purchase a high performance bike, there's a good chance that you'll become quite attached to it. So attached that you'll want to make sure your bike sets you apart from all the other bikes out there. When Karel was approached by Mike Furtek about a custom paint job, Karel couldn't turn down the offer. Mike was finishing a 31-year career providing one-of-a-kind services in customized painting, welding/fabricating of motorcycle parts and building/designing motorcycles for customers for show or for personal enjoyment. To help launch his new career, Mike offered to provide Karel with a complimentary paint job on his bike, helmet and wheels to showcase his talent. When Karel saw the finished products, he was shocked by the detail. And now, Karel's bike, helmet and disc wheel is unique to him and stands out in a crowd of triathlon bikes.  A little more about Mike:  Mike Furtek owned and operated MandD Custom, Corp. for 31 years in South Holland, Il

"Cooking" with a slow cooker.

Trimarni athlete Stephanie shared this beautiful picture on Facebook of my Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Quinoa Curry from my book  Essential Sports Nutrition .  So far, this recipe has been the most favored recipe in the book!  What's not to love about the slow cooker? Purchase and prep your ingredients, add to the slow cooker, press a button and your work is done. That's the wonderful part of using a slow cooker - you don't have to cook!  In addition to a slow cooker being a very simple way to ensure that a home-cooked meal is ready when you return home from work, slow cookers bring out the flavor in food and use less electricity than an oven. From meals, soups, stews and casseroles, a slow cooker is a must-have kitchen appliance.  To ensure that you get the most out of your slow cooker, here are a few tips from a past Trimarni newsletter.   Choose the right size  - Slow cookers come in a wide range of sizes, from extra small (2-quart) to extra large (8 1/2-qua