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12 Race ready tips

You are probably hoping that I am going to write about how to plan your sport nutrition for race day or what percentage of your FTP you should hold while you are on the bike, how to swim fast in open water or the best way to run strong off the bike without your legs hurting. While having a plan can ease mental worries for the athlete who tries to predict/control a race day outcome, it's important to recognize that being race ready is more than just checking off workouts and having a strict plan for race day. Two years ago, at 2014 Ironman Wisconsin, something incredible happened. Karel and I both qualified for the 2015 Ironman World Championship. Although our goal was to both qualify, our results could not have been planned nor predicted. Karel: 9:44, 3rd AG (35-39), 9th overall male amateur. Marni: 10:44, 3rd AG (30-34), 6th overall male amateur. To the minute and the exact same podium spot, we both excelled to the best of our best ability on race day. The outcome of rac

Breakfast tacos

Yep, that's right. Tacos for breakfast. Or, as a recovery meal after a long workout. And maybe even for dinner too! There's no overthinking breakfast tacos. 1) Take your favorite omelet ingredients and scramble them all together in a skillet. 2) Stuff inside a taco (or two, or three). 3) Top with your favorite omelet/taco toppings - gauc, cheese, sour cream, salsa. 4) Yum ------------------ On Saturday afternoon, after a 4 hour ride, I was suddenly in the mood for something savory and crunchy. Although my post ride pancakes were super delish, tacos sounded amazingly awesome while watching the live stream of the Ironman 70.3 Ironman World Championship. I sauteed kale in a skillet and added mushrooms and onions. When my veggies were cooked, I scrambled together 2 eggs and combined with my sauteed veggies. I then took taco shells and slathered the inside with smashed avocado, sprinkled on the shredded cheese (so that it would melt on the shell when I added my hot ingredien

Are sport nutrition products healthy?

Sport nutrition products are designed to enhance performance, specifically during prolonged activity when glycogen depletion and dehydration can compromise energy metabolism. Therefore, a major goal of sport nutrition companies is to formulate a variety of products, in all types of textures, flavors and forms, to help athletes train and compete with optimal power, speed, strength, stamina and mental focus.  There is great research showing that carbohydrate-based fuels are the predominant energy source at high intensities and during long duration, to postpone fatigue. Because a decline in muscle and liver glycogen (stored carbohydrates) can greatly limit endurance performance, sugar, the primary ingredient in most sport drinks, can be absorbed quickly to help maintain steady blood glucose levels. Unlike the untrained athlete, a trained athlete has a favorable response to sugar during exercise, not to mention that the sport nutrition has a clear need and reason fo

Confused by your appetite? Break the hunger cycle

Mmmmm, homemade pancakes for breakfast. Are you one of the many athletes who feels that something is off with your hunger? -You don't feel hungry before a workout OR you feel starving before a workout but you stop yourself from eating "too much" because you don't want to feel too full during your workout -You feel really hungry in the middle or toward the end of a workout -You have little appetite post workout OR you are starving post workout -When it's time to eat your meals, you don't feel hungry enough to eat but in between meals and in the evening, you are starving If you are an athlete who knows that there are times when you should/shouldn't be so hungry, but you just can't seem to understand or fix your hunger, something needs to change. I've worked with many athletes, just like yo,u and it's not just an annoying feeling to be hungry during your workouts and during snack time but have no appetite during meal time or befor/after w