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Triathlon charms and more! Check out MOJOTIVATION

Athletes love memorabilia. Whether you admit it or not, there's something about having another t-shirt and medal to show off your athletic accomplishment.  One of the great things about being an athlete is that our lifestyle represents our love for our sport more than just a t-shirt and a medal. We love what we are able to do with our body and we celebrate our good health by pushing our limits as we train for races.  But don't get me wrong. I sure do love wearing a little token that represents my love for my multi-sport lifestyle.  Last night I went to a girls-night, smoothie making party and the host of the event had a variety of charms that she sells. The sterling silver triathlon bracelet, made out of a bike spoke, really caught my eye. So I made my own little charm bracelet to show my love for swim, bike and run.  For all the crossfit and strength lovers, as well as those who just love charms, there are a variety of charms to choose from i

TreesGreenville Turkey Day 8K - race reflection

The beginning of every season is an exciting time for me. It's a fresh new start to build from the past, to re-create the present and to plan for the future. As athletes, we know that it is necessary to progress through phases in our season in order to enhance performance systematically. But what about the first time you train for something for the very first time? You see, there are stages of learning as athletes and we must go through these stages as we progress with our skills and fitness.  But the really neat thing about being an athlete and training for an event for the very first time is that we don't necessarily know the stages that we should be experiencing yet we put our trust in the process and simply enjoy the journey to train for the first ever, longest distance ever. Once you become a veteran to a distance, things change. There are more gains in fitness to be felt but the mind also changes. No longer are you seeing challenges for the first time or experien