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Product Review - Mediterra Bars

For more information:  Mediterra Nutrition Mediterra Inc. NY, NY Produce of Canada About the Company from the website: Tag Line: Good Health. It's In Our Nature.                         About:  Inspired by the time tested Mediterranean Diet, they took its all-natural ingredients, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, fiber-packed grains and seeds and created a healthy option to complement the nonstop pace of modern life. Mediterra is pioneered by Telemaque Lavidas, and is inspired by his memories of delicious and healthy Mediterranean meals shared in the warmth of family and friends in his homeland of Greece. The now New York-based Lavidas became passionate about adapting the traditional Mediterranean diet with an emphasis on consuming more whole grains, fruits, greens, and less meats and sweets to meet the fast pace of modern life. The result is Mediterranean gourmet nutrition bursting with flavor that raises the bar. Mediterra products off

Plant-strong Buddha Bowl

Buddha Bowl By Joey Mock, RD, LD, CLT   A protein/veggie/grain bowl with a trendy name, there are no hard rules when it comes to creating one of these colorful, nutrient packed bowls. Buddha Bowls are a great meal to customize based on what you have on hand and what you need to use up before it expires or spoils. When creating your bowl, it is entirely up to you as to what veggies/greens, proteins, seeds, grains, and/or dressings that you want to use. The following recipe is a delicious place to get started with your Buddha Bowl creations. This takes a little time to make so be sure to prepare extras as the leftovers are just as delicious!  GROCERY LIST Canola oil Sesame oil Olive oil Thyme Paprika Cayenne pepper Chili powder Garlic powder Cumin Turmeric (optional) Oregano (optional) Salt Pepper Extra firm tofu Sweet potato Chickpeas Red onion Garlic Carrots (shredded) Spinach Avocado Lemon (Optional) Ingredients For the Tofu Marinade: 3 Tablespoons ca

The power of patience in your athletic journey

Do you call yourself a hard working athlete? If you answered yes, YAY! You are already on your way to reaching your athletic goals this season! But now you need to answer an even more important question - are you a patient athlete? If you find that your hard work isn't paying off quick enough, you may loose motivation to train because of the long journey ahead of you with a race so far in the future, especially when faced with an obstacle or setback. Or, your high motivation to work hard may cause you to want to work even harder in order to speed the rate of improvement (especially if you are crunched for time with a rapidly approaching race) - Rest days become a waste of time, you give an effort harder than planned, sleep and diet are pushed aside in order to train more and you rush each workout in order to see faster results. While you may be a hard working, motivated athlete, hard work only works if you are patient enough to embrace the slow and steady path ahead of you. Far t

Veg out with this flavorful homemade sauce

The other night I made this delicious broccoli and mushroom, jasmine rice stir-fry, topped with a delicious flavorful sauce filled with lots of spices. Although the picture may look bland, the flavors were lively on my taste buds. For any individual who has yet to appreciate the value of eating vegetables, there could be a reason behind your dislike for the products made by Mother Earth....... TASTE There are five different flavors that come from food - sweet, salty, savory, sour and bitter. If you like sour, it may come in the form of candy or fruit. Not surprisingly, sweet and salty are the most popular flavors. Savory is often the term we give to food that is tasty and full of flavor. So that leaves bitter. It's not that often that you hear someone say "I love bitter foods!" so this could explain the aversion that many people (especially kids) feel toward vegetables. While you may learn to like them, some people are more sensitive to the bitter compounds in vegetabl

How to choose the right RD for your needs

Today, it's easy to turn to the internet and social media for health advice - regardless of the reliability of the source. I'm constantly amazed by the health-related questions that are asked on social media/forums and the responses given by followers. Questions about how many calories to eat to lose weight, the "best" sport nutrition to consume during workouts, what diet to follow in order to improve health and how to eliminate GI issues are among the most common questions that I see posted on forums/social media. Do you really trust advice from strangers? I sure hope not! The internet is a great place to help you select the best professional for your needs - not for asking/seeking advice for a specific health related problem. As it relates to finding a nutrition "expert" to assist in your health, performance and/or body composition goals, here are my suggestions to help you choose the right RD for your needs. Credentials - Today, anyone can claim