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Trimarni Thanksgiving eats - YUM!

We hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving and filled your body with love, laughs and lots of yummy food.  Karel, Campy and I celebrated Thnksgiving with my mom (in her new home just 10 minutes away from me - yay!) and my aunt, uncle and cousin. The Thanksgiving day was not the same without my dad but we made sure to share to not forget the impact he had made on all of our lives.  For Karel and me, our Thanksgiving started with the  TreesGreenville Turkey Day 8K  which happened to be our very first event to participate in since moving to Greenville in May. The event was in downtown Greenville so we woke up at 6am and after our pre-race snack we did a little foam rolling and dynamic warming up and then around 7:20am we ran to the start/finish which was around 1.3 miles away. My morning pre race snack was nothing out of the ordinary as I consume the same ingredients before training. A rice cake, smear of PB, cinnamon, raisins and banana slices. I didn't add any honey th

Trimarni store - 3-day sale!!!

Calling all active bodies! Don't miss our 3-day Trimarni store sale !! Sale ends at 11:59pm on December 1st!!  All Trimarni kit items are now 45% OFF the previously marked price.  We have a limited inventory so do not to miss this great offer. We are currently designing our 2015 Trimarni kits so we hope you enjoy this one-time, 3-day offer to help us clear our select inventory. These HOT items will go fast! We have cycling jersey's, cycling shorts, tri shorts and tri tops all on SALE! Shop now to be prepared for winter training and for your upcoming season.  Trimarni t-shirts and tanks are also available to show your Trimarni support. Happy shopping and THANK YOU for shopping small! SHOP NOW

Trimarni favs - happy shopping!

Will you be shopping locally or shopping online today or supporting small businesses on Saturday?  There's a good chance that by Monday evening, you will have purchased something that you have always wanted, purchased something new that you needed and probably purchased something that you didn't need but got a great deal and one can never have too many _____ (fill in the blanks).  I am all about supporting small businesses so if you can shop local, please support the local run, bike and triathlon stores and other local shops in your community to show your appreciation for their hard work. I know first hand, it's not easy to be a small business owner but it is very rewarding to see a dream of helping others with a specific skill set, come to life.  Karel and I have used a lot of gear/equipment/products over the years when it comes to triathlons and cycling and we have also had the opportunity to get to know many companies.  I thought this would be a grea

Finding the right words on this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I realize that my vegetarian lifestyle isn't best well suited for this holiday but for me, it's not about the food.  When I was growing up, we always celebrated Thanksgiving together as a family. My brother, my mom and dad and any relatives who could drive/fly to be with us. Sometimes we would go out of state and sometimes we would be at home in Lexington, KY.  When I was in college, I really looked forward to being with my family because I didn't see them all the time like I did growing up and throughout High School. As a high school and collegiate swimmer, the holiday season was often our high volume time of the year so  my carb-rich heavy feast was very well enjoyed (and useful) for my active body especially when I looked forward to a 8,000-10,000+ yard swim session the day after Thanksgiving.  After college, I moved to Florida for graduate school and luckily, my dad got a job in Florida as well (at the VA clinic as t

Exploring Greenville

Greenville, SC is the perfect place for our active lifestyle. After 10 years of living in Florida and the 6 past years living in Jacksonville, FL, we were ready for a change. So, we decided to exchange the beach for the mountains and we haven't regretted our decision since we moved in mid-May. We absolutely love exploring our new city and we have so much more to see but I thought I'd share some of our favorite finds in Greenville, SC. Let me start off with the yummy stuff first. FOOD Everyday Organic  - 100% organic restaurant and bakery with delicious meals that satisfy almost every diet and taste (vegetarian, gluten free, vegan and meat options) Green Lettuce  - fresh, delicious, Mediterranean inspired cuisine Pomegranate on main  - traditional Persian food with excellent appetizers and entrees Chicora Alley  - a variety of cuisine (vegetarian/vegan options available) which is a fusion of exotic island and southern cooking. You can find burritos, salads, burgers and sandwich