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Hello from Pitt!

After 3 days of unpacking, cleaning and catching up on emails, I re-packed and got on a plane to head up to Pittsburgh, PA to spend some time with my brother, checking out the Pitt area. Already, I love it here and suprisingly, I could see myself living here. Who would have thought??? Today is a very exciting day for my family (who is here with me) because we get to celebrate the graduation of my exceptionally smart and talented brother. On Thurs evening my brother had plans for us to go to the Pirates baseball game but we ended up having a delicious dinner near the stadium due to a rained-out game. My veggie wrap with sweet potato fries was delicious! It has been great to catch up with my brother who I have yet to visit in Pitt since moving here in 2007. My brother will be running the Pittsburgh half marathon on Sunday (likely in a post-celebration state of my mind) and should do quite well. As a Big Ten High Bar Champion - turned recreational runner, my brother is hoping to break his

Under the Influence

I couldn't WAIT to share this great article with you, my blog readers. Over the course of 2000+ miles of driving, I had the opportunity to brush up on my many nutrition magazines and journals. I threw in a few triathlon and running magazines but neglected to bring my RD exam study materials. I suppose I needed a break from the serious learning just for a bit. But now it's time to hit the books as I am currently interviewing for clinical dietitian jobs and hoping to take the RD exam before July. In the May 2011 issue of Nutrition Action the cover story was titled "Under the Influence - how external cues make us overeat". I found this article very interesting, specifically as it pertains to athletes. I find that athletes tend to "excuse" unhealthy eating after hard or intense workouts. While an athlete has every right to consume a different quantity of food than his/her sedentary counterpart, I believe that we should all choose similar food choices, but in di


On our last evening in North Carolina, I created a yummy pasta dinner for Karel and his teammate, as well as for myself and my good friend Christi. All for $32 at Harris Teeter (including a case of Yuengling for Karel). One of the great things of having a kitchen when traveling is being able to prepare your own meals. Knowing that a meal for two at a restaurant would cost a lot more than what I spent for dinner for four (including LOTS of leftovers), I find it comforting knowing exactly what I am putting in my body and when it will be served. No waiting for food, no concerns of how the meal was prepared and no waiting for the final check. Since Karel and myself travel a lot for races, I have become very familiar with eating on the road as well as making sure we are both well-fueled before races. If you are like me and like a little control when it comes to fueling your body before a race, I suggest finding hotels such as Extended Stay which come with a full kitchen (except an oven). If

Diner-style dinner

Home at last!! I have several pics and updates from the past 9 days and 2000+ miles of traveling which I will be posting in the next day or two. Just catching up on emails, coaching/nutrition work and getting back to a normal schedule. But I have to say, what a fantastic time to spend with my wonderful husband and cute-cuddly, furry BFF. I also received news today that my information is currently within the hands of the CDR (commission on dietetic registration) and I should be receiving my application handbook within 7 business days. YAHOO!!! I can't believe that last week I was stressing over my final exam and now I am eligible for the RD exam!! Before we left on Fri morning, I made a fabulous dinner of leftovers in my kitchen. Knowing that we would be away for over a week, I wanted to make use of all food in my place. I really didn't have a concept when starting dinner on Thurs evening but one thing lead to another and a fabulous Marni-creation was created. With a bag of fres