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Iron Girl Clearwater 15K race report

5th year at Iron Girl Clearwater and each year tops the last!!! I've been part of the Iron Girl team since June 2006. I actually started out with the Ironman corporation in Jan 2006 for a 6-month internship which I received shortly after finishing graduate school. I was still lost of what to do in life with my Master of Science in Exercise Physiology but with the Boston Marathon and Ironman Florida on my 2006 racing schedule, I really wanted to understand the inner-workings of multisport events..and where else than with Ironman! I learned SO much about events and I developed a great appreciation of HOW MUCH goes into putting together an event for 1000+ people. I just love the whole crew at Ironman and every chance I get to visit Judy at Irongirl (president) or the Ironman team, I jump right on it. Judy has been my biggest mentor and a great friend. Based on her passion for all things in life, she has given me the best advice in my life and I credit a lot of my personal successes (r

Iron Girl pre-race clinic - helpful tips

This has been a heck of a week. Good thing I work well under pressure, like a challenge and like to keep myself busy. I have a great blog to write but that will come in a day or two. After my 3 1/2 hr drive to my parents, I finished up some work on the computer from 3-5pm and jumped back in the car at 5:20 (PB&J w/ nuts, raisins and banana for the road) w/ my mom to head to International Mall (Tampa) for the Iron Girl pre race clinic. The clinic was at Fit 2 Run and it was packed! Judy said over 1000 people picked up their race packet (2700 women are registered for the race) and a good 70-80 people stayed for the talks. Before my talk was the Polar HR monitor talk. This is my 4th time speaking at an Iron Girl event so it's always great speaking after a HR talk. In my opinion, your HR is the basis of how you eat, what you eat and how much you eat before, during and after training/racing. No matter how many times I speak at Iron Girl, the Polar reps always provide information whi

Pimento Cheese Dip & Non-vegetarian Crock-pot Chicken Cacciatore

The other day, my friend asked me if I could make her a healthy Pimento Cheese Dip for a party this weekend. I was up for the challenge! First thing I did to re-create this recipe was look up a few recipes on the internet to see the common ingredients. Most of the recipes called for Mayo, Pimentos and Sharp cheese as the key ingredients. Next thing I did was go grocery shopping.....I LOVE grocery shopping! It's quite easy and quick for me since we have a set grocery list but if I am ever at the grocery store more than 20 min. (most of that time is spent bagging up fruits and veggies) I'm usually checking out new products, reading labels and dreaming up recipes in my head. BTW-my weekly grocery tab for Karel and me (typically wal-mart) is $70-80. On top of that, I probably head to Food Lion, Publix and Big Lots 1-2 times per week to pick up any "extras" that I run out of or need for new creations. This will run me around $30-50 a week, depending on how many new creatio

Asparagus and Mushroom Quiche and Salads Galore!

Asparagus and Mushroom Quiche 3 pieces reduced fat croissants 2 tsp horseradish w/ beets 5 stalks Asparagus (chopped)) 4 eggs (2 whole eggs + 2 egg whites) + 1/8 cup skim milk 2 cloves garlic 1 tbsp feta cheese 4 whole mushrooms (sliced) 1/8 cup onions (chopped) Basil & Pepper 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees 2. Place 1 croissant on a pan (w/ non-stick spray) and press against wall. Spread as much possible. Repeat with other 2 croissants until the bottom of the pan is covered. 3. Spread horseradish sauce on dough (you can use another spread like reduced fat cream cheese, hummus or spicy mustard if you want) 4. Place veggies (mushrooms, onions, asparagus) on dough. 5. Mix together eggs, milk, garlic and feta in a bowl. 6. Pour evenly over veggie mixture. 7. Cook for 30-40 min. or until eggs are firm in middle. Top with basil, pepper and any additional no-salt spices. s I don't like boring salads. Boo for iceberg lettuce, cucumbers and croutons. I think it is perfectly fine to have

Lean Cuisine-inspired Apple Cranberry Tofu

A week or so ago I saw a commercial for a Lean Cuisine, Apple Cranberry Chicken, meal. I found myself thinking that this could be a great vegetarian creation . The sweetness of the apple and cranberry would go just perfect with the comforting, warm and delicious taste of whole grain rice and tofu (in place of chicken). Later that day, I made my own version of a Lean Cuisine Meal and let me tell ya', it was oh-so-good. Karel, who loves my vegetarian meals, was also a big fan of the combination of flavors. Definitely a creation worthy-enough to go on my "creation" page. The next day I looked up the nutrition facts of the original Apple Cranberry Chicken recipe. Considering that the recipe was inspired from the Lean Cuisine company, I knew that this meal had to be "low" in calories and made from "wholesome" ingredients. When I attended the 2009 American Dietetic Association Adult Weight Management 2 1/2 day certification course, I learned a lot about how

112 mile (180K) Webster-Roubaix race report

I don't think a race report could possibly sum up this race. To make this short, here's a recap from the LCA race team blog: VISIT: Karel Sumbal, our Czech Republic connection, was the sole member of team Lindner Capital Advisors to make the trip to race the long, hot, and dusty Webster-Roubaix. Racing on these types of roads were similar to the major highways and byways of his motherland, so he felt right at home. With many miles fought on dirt roads, this was a 4 1/2 hour epic event. Karel established himself in the winning break, and then fought on to take 8th place. An awesome ride on a brutal course. This was one of the remaining four Florida Cup series events. Here's Karel's brief email update on how the race went: "The Webster was brutal!!! Half way through the race I got into the counter attack of 5 and we were chasing the first break of 3. Than another 3 guys came across from behind. We caught the 3 guys at the front and it