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It's Ironman Lake Placid Race Week!

2013 Ironman Lake Placid - Karel's first Ironman. It's been a long time coming. It's finally Ironman Lake Placid race week.  My last Ironman was in October 2019.....the Ironman World Championship . Although it feels like forever ago since I've raced in an Ironman, I have participated in all different types of endurance events, from gravel racing and the 6-Gap century ride to a 3-day coast-to-coast, Xtreme Triathlon event  and off-road running.  Every Ironman triathlon journey is different. Not just the training, but how my body responds to the training in the context of my life. With only 5 days until Ironman Lake Placid, I’m incredibly grateful to my body for allowing me to consistently train for my 17th 140.6 mile race. I never take a start line for granted, especially when I am healthy and injury-free. I no longer feel like a beginner but I still have great respect for the Ironman distance. I know how important it is for the body and mind to work together as you ca