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Here we go.....

Hello from Macon GA! The bike is checked in and I'm ready to go...well, ready as I can be. I have to say that I'm a bit nervous because I am racing with the big girls tomorrow. Karel talked me into stepping it up this year and racing Open/Elite.... so me, alongside 7 other females (including Ironman champion Nina Kraft!) and the open/elite men will be starting the race at 7am. I went back and forth trying to convince Karel that I SHOULDN'T be in this category but just when I convinced Karel that I should change back to the 25-29 age group, we were an hour away from the race and I told Karel I would stay in my original division. I am going to race against myself tomorrow and see how things go. I know this will be a very challenging course and a challenging day. I know I will have up and down moments during the race and I'm sure, like every other race, I will battle my leg problems and find a way to keep foot in front of the other. My body is ready to go so I&

Weekend eats

I'm not sure what triathletes look forward to more on the, eating or napping. Perhaps the eating is a reward for the hard or long training session and the nap is well, because you are tired and you actually have a little time to rest your eyes. Well, even though a long distance training session on Sat and/or Sun validates eating a bit more food than normal throughout the day (not in one meal!), it is still important to focus on a heart-healthy diet....regardless of how hard or long you workout on the weekends. Because we are often rushed to do a million things during the week, I am sure you would agree with me that eating oatmeal and a piece of fruit, alongside a glass of milk, after a 4 hr bike ride, is not your ideal Sat morning post-workout meal. Why? Because you likely eat oatmeal w/ fruit on a daily why eat the same thing on the weekend? When your workouts change, so should your diet. Weight loss (and maintenance) is affected by both daily caloric

Simple, yet effective, pre race nutrition tips

The latest Iron Girl newsletter (FREE!!!) was filled with great information. I've been with the Iron Girl/Ironman family for the last 4 years and I can't fully express how honored I am to be able to contribute to helping other future Iron Girls and Ironman/70.3 athletes...and to be an Ironman/Iron Girl athlete. I have never been disappointed by a race and I always look forward to the Ironman/Iron Girl experience. Here's the list of upcoming Iron Girl events: Atlanta, GA - June 27 - Triathlon - sold out (I'll be there!!!) Racine, WI - July 31 - Triathlon Syracuse, NY - August 7 - Triathlon- sold out Columbia, MD - August 22 - Triathlon - sold out Boulder, CO - August 28 - Triathlon Seattle, WA - September 12 - Run/Walk Lake Tahoe South Shore, CA - September 19 - Triathlon Bloomington, MN - September 26 - Duathlon Tempe, AZ - November 14 - Run/Walk Enjoy my latest article: Simple, yet effective, pre race nutrition tips Your nutrition plan is your nutrition plan. Practice

Food labeling and vegetarian issues

My latest Environmental Nutrition (June 2010, Volume 33, Number 6) was packed with great information. The front page really caught my eye: FDA Cracks Down on Food Labeling In an unprecedented move, the FDA issued 17 warnings to food companies for misleading labels. The companies include POM Wonderful, Beech-Nut, Spectrum Organic Products, Pbm Products, Redco Foods, First Juice, Sunsweet Growers, Dreyer's Ice Cream, Diamond Food and Gerber. Some offending product labels conveyed nutrient content claims that did not meet FDA requirements. For example, the term "cholesterol-free" was used even though the product contained higher levels of saturated fat than allowed when this claim is made. Other food labels referred to websites that made claims establishing the product as a "drug" that might cure, mitigate, treat or prevent disease. In some cases, websites referred to scientific studies that reported benefits linked with the food, such as lowering cholesterol or bl

Happy birthday & anniversary

Not only is it my birthday but it is my anniversary! Karel and I met 4 years ago, on my b-day, on a group ride. First I stood him up 2 weeks in a row and then I cried on my birthday. I was excited to meet my "blind date" on the bike (I loved hearing his Czech accent) but 4 years ago I could barely ride my bike! I was scared out of my mind to do this group ride and when I finally showed up, I was suffering on the warm-up. Here's a short story.... Anyways- Happy 4 year anniversary to my amazing and wonderful hubby. Of course our wedding anniversary on Oct 26 2008 is worth celebrating but I'd like to recognize the day we met. My life has changed for the better because of Karel and I am so thankful to have such a wonderful person in my life. LOVE YOU KAREL!! Last night Laura had us over for a wonderful b-day grill-out. Chickpea mushroom burgers (with sesame seeds) for me and Turkey burgers for the rest.

Weekend training

Without hesitation I was heading to the beach on sat. morning. I just love the atmosphere down there. Of course, I'm not talking about sun tanning or playing in the ocean but rather training at the beach. We live about 25 min from the beach and aside from Karel working at the beach Trek store on Tues morning, it's rare that we ever get to the ocean. I just love the water and everything that has to do with the ocean so if I have a reason to get to the beach....I'll find a way to get there! Karel had to work at 10am at the town store so we had to split up for our morning bike ride. Mrs. Sumbal represented the beach and Mr. Sumbal represented the town. Once again I did the lodge ride and enjoyed my time with the boys in Nocatee and Karel punished a lot of people on the Open Road ride. I heard from a lot of people that Karel was attacking like crazy and no one could catch him. Sounds mean but I think the other riders like a little challenging race/training every now and then. A