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That's One Amazing Athlete-PERSON!

So, the last couple of days have been great. I've been consistent with my training, my leg isn't hurting and I have been 100% focused and motivated. I ran 6 miles on tues and followed the interval treadmill run with a 2500 swim and on wed I taught my spin and ran 7 miles at a very comfortable 7.2-7.5 mph pace. This morning I woke up early and headed out on the bike at 6:45am for a 30 mile ride with a few hard efforts. So with all this training, I can't sit here and think that I am the amazing athlete. Over the past couple of months I have been helping a guy named Tom Bassano with his nutrition. See, he isn't training for any particular race. He is running across the US!!!! I was a little shocked at first and just like when I tell people I do an Ironman and yes, it only takes one day, I kinda giggled and was taken back when he said he was going to run across the US. I met Tom after I spoke at the American Running Company in Dunedin (I love that store!) on nutrition for d

Swimming Efficiency

I finished my weekend with a good bike ride on sunday. The wind was coming from the North East so I headed North, and then east, for the beginning of my loop. I did 3 x 2.5 mile hard effort intervals with .5 mile spin. I thought about doing more intervals but with the first 28 miles of my ride in almost straight headwind, I feel I did double the work with only 3 intervals. I rode hard to get to the point where I would start heading south and it felt good. I finished the ride with 53 miles and an average of 17 mph. Since I wasn't keeping track of my speed and just trying to be as efficient as possible with my pedal stroke (I LOVE my new DMT carbon shoes..oh, they are great!!!!) and aero position. After the ride I was really pooped and since Karel was off in San Antonio I had no excuse but to study for the rest of the morning. In the afternoon, Karel and I did two videos for Beginner Triathlete (plyometrics and changing a tubular) and we had a lot of fun putting those together in our