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IM 70.3 FL - Race Recap

On the night before the race, I found myself thinking of a popular quote "Success is where preparation and opportunity meet." As I enter my 12th consecutive year of endurance triathlon racing, I found myself referring back to my training over the past few months as my main confidence builder going into the race. Although I have past race performances to make me feel prepared for the distance, I couldn't help but think about all the workouts that were accomplished in the months leading up to the race to help me feel physical and mentally prepared. Putting my trust in my training helped me ease the nerves that I was ready to perform.

I consider myself a great sleeper but I guess the pre-race excitement got the best of me as I didn't sleep too well on Saturday night. Karel was in bed around 7:30, listening to music with his headphones and visualizing his race and I went to bed shortly after. Although I eventually fell asleep around 9pm, I slept really light and felt my…

IM 70.3 FL - Race Day Gear Specs


Pre race:

Kit - 2 piece Canari Trimarni kit
Calf sleeves: none
Warm-up shoes: NB 1400
Body glide/Sunscreen: Chamois cream, EMJ Sunscreen
Nutrition meal/drink: Oatmeal, banana, Osmo pre-load in water. Coffee. Espresso. 
Goggles: MP Xceed, blue - clear lens
Wetsuit: Xterra Vengeance
Gadget: Garmin 735
Bike: Ventum one with dura ace Di2 w/ 165 crank
Wheels: Alto 56 front CT/Tubular Disc
Helmet: Giro's Aerohead MIPS Helmet
Tires: Specialized turbo all round tubular tires
Other: Ceramic speed oversized pulleys, Garmin vector pedals, Dash custom saddle, 3D print bento box (made by our assistant coach Joe).
Shoes: Bontrager Hilo
Socks: No
Gadget: Garmin 810
Fuel: Levelen lemon
Shoes: Nike Zoom Fly
Hat/visor: Boco Gear Trimarni trucker hat Socks: Yes
Hydration belt: Naked Sports Innovations w/ 2 x 8 ounce flasks
Fuel: Enervitene, Osmo
Sunglasses: Oakley radar EV
Gadget: Garmin 735


Pre race:
Kit - Canari Trimarni kit one piece
Calf sleeves: Compress sport
Warm-up shoes: NB 1500
Body glide: Pj…

IM 70.3 FL - Quick race recap

Whew. What a relief to get the first race of the 2018 season out of the way.

As I mentioned before, this race was extra special for me and Karel because we shared the race course with over 30 of our coaching athletes from all over the US. Although we selected this race venue as our first key race of the season before we found out it was the Regional Tri Club Championship event, this was a fantastic location for tri clubs as the event is very spectator and family friendly and the community really embraces the event.

There was so much Trimarni fun happening before the race, which helped ease the nerves and build the excitement. Karel and I made ourselves available to our athletes before the race to make sure everyone was mentally, nutritionally, physically and equipment ready to dust off the rust at this early season half IM event. It was incredible to see our athletes in action and to celebrate their hard work, the Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition team placed 3rd in Division IV!

IM 70.3…