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Race Week Nutrition

I see two types of eating habits by triathletes the week prior to a race. 1) Athletes who load up on carbs in order to ensure that they don't run out of fuel on race day. 2) Athletes who avoid certain foods or cut back on daily calories in order to prevent weight gain. I rarely see athletes enter race week without some uneasiness about their nutrition or body composition. I think it is great that I can be on both sides of the equation. As a competitive athlete and sport nutritionist, I don't only try to understand why other's have problems but I have to figure out my own nutrition as well. I have been both athletes so I know how hard it is to feel confidence about the foods you are eating and how your performance will turn out come race day. As far as loading up on carbs on race week, remember that you are cutting back your training volume (yet keeping the intensity with more rest) in order to properly rest your body. Because stored glycogen (carbs) aren't being used in


Did you know that Jacksonville (JAX) is the 14th largest city in the US? Did you know JAX has more than 800,000 residents? Did you know that JAX has one of the lowest overall costs of living in Florida? Did you know that JAX has the largest Urban Parks System in the US? Karel and I have very exciting news. I think I have told most people I know but it is now official (since I am posting it on my blog)...We are moving to JAX!!!! I can't write this blog without being sad that I am leaving all my tri-buddies and familiar bike roads. I have to say good-bye to all my swim buddies who jump in the pool with me at 5:30am and then join me on the treadmill for "interval tuesday". And I will never forget my awesome spin class that I have taught for almost 2 years! I found it funny that my spin class told me that I will have a long commute on wed mornings...however, I don't think they were kidding. It is tri-season and I am saying good bye to race directors and I know I won't

Be careful and I love you

Two things that I am always remembering when I am training. Don't put yourself into situations that are dangerous and always be careful when you are training. You can never expect the unexpected and it is a dangerous world out there when you are on your bike. Also, remember to tell people that you love them, that you care and that you are thinking of them. Talking to someone in person is probably the best way to show love or kindness but even a phone call, email or text message can make someone's day. Never overlook an opportunity to let someone know that you think they are special. Take time to appreciate other people's accomplishments and try to be as optimistic as possible from the moment you wake to when you go to bed at night. I hope people can realize that every day is just one day of many days. There is always another day but it is important to live the day to the fullest and appreciate the little things. Last night I was searching the Internet and came across a horr

Interval TUESDAY!!!!

(last year at Disney) After a few days of "vacationing" and being off my typical weekly schedule, I was eager to get back home just in time for interval tuesday. When I woke up this morning I started thinking about what to do for my run. I was thinking something longer than last week since I am getting closer to Disney. Well, I had a brief moment of nervousness...Disney is in less than 2 weeks! That means this tuesday and next tuesday..that's it for interval tuesdays until the big day!!! I decided today was the morning that I see if all the interval training paid off. It was time for mile repeaters. 3 of them! I was a bit nervous and all through my 5:30-6:30 swim (2800 yards) with the team I was thinking about the run. I was nervous and a bit worried. Not even during my Ironman training did I do mile-repeaters. I would run for miles and miles but nothing for a mile at the pace I wanted to do today. Since i have been feeling really strong lately, I figured I could do my mi

USA SPEED WEEK!!!! Trip Recap.....

Before I talk about the trip and races, I need to get something off my chest. Gas is crazy expensive and I'm not happy! Karel's races are very cheap ($30-$50) so I can justify traveling. Triathlons, however are expensive and I allow myself one or two big races a year to splurge and pay the race fee. However, I have only traveled once for a triathlon (KONA) because it is really expensive to go somewhere for a tri. It costed us almost $300 ($100 for my trip to and from jacksonville to get Karel) to go to NC and GA. We did 1300 miles of driving (about 500 for me for my drive) since thursday and I can't wait to get my rebate check to pay for all this gas. But, Karel planned this week of racing all year long so no worries here, I was just happy to accompany him for 2 of his 5 races :) After our breakfast on saturday morning, Karel took a nap as I finished coaching plans on the computer. We had a 20 mile drive to Dilworth (just outside of Charlotte) from the house so we left arou