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Challenge yourself and have fun!

There's a lot to balance in life when you choose to train for a competitive sport as an adult athlete. As kids and young adults, there are still responsibilities in life for student athletes but life certainly becomes a lot more stressful as you grow up.  But despite all the stressors in life that we face on a daily basis, there's something so special about moving and using your body to relieve some of that stress. Many times the mind becomes relaxed at the start, during or after a training session. Other times, a tense body becomes relaxed at the thought of the upcoming opportunity to workout.  Regardless if you are training or working out for fitness gains, it is important to have fun with what you are doing. My advice is to change up the scenery every now and then to keep things fresh. Perhaps go to a new location to train (even if it is driving 10 miles down the road or maybe spending the night somewhere that is 2+ hours away), join others on a new route/act

Pre-Ironman fuel - rock your race-day meal

My Ironman pre race meal: 4 WASA crackers Smuckers Natural PB Banana Granola Raisins Maple syrup or honey Cinnamon Large glass of water Cup of coffee Ask a dozen triathletes what they like to eat on the morning of an IRONMAN and you'll get a baker's dozen different answers. There are easy and convenient options, like a bagel and banana with peanut butter, a liquid meal replacement for a nervous belly, or a bowl of oatmeal and eggs, compliments of a kitchenette. Washed down with sports drink and coffee, most IRONMAN athletes swear by one of these early-morning menus.  But with so many unique needs, there are a few atypical breakfasts for thought out there. For example, have you ever considered a baked potato with fish, white rice with figs and honey, or applesauce with protein powder? Passing on the caffeine jolt, how about a cup of hot water to get the system going or kombucha tea for a happier gut? For over a decade, research consistently shows that the perfect pre

Our new normal

My body feels like I am on a training camp. My mind feels like I am on vacation. But in reality, we just moved to the most perfect place for our lifestyle.  Back in February, Karel, Campy and I checked out Greenville South Carolina for the first time. It was cold and rainy. But we still loved it!  Although we have only been living in Greenville South Carolina for 10 days and for me, not even a full week to believe that we actually live here, we have spent no time wasted since we moved. Although much of our day is focused on our coaching and nutrition athletes (tri season is in full swing!), we have tried to spend a little time each day to get to know our new town. Here are a few pics from the last few days.  Trimarni coaching athlete Kristen and her hubby Trent were passing by after racing Rev3 in Knoxville. We love the fact that we can walk to downtown, just a short 1 mile from our new home. We all had dinner at Mellow Mushroom. No more flat roads! Jus

A taste of San Fran

After two days of moving, unloading boxes and getting my kitchen Trimarni-ready for some cooking, I was off to the West Coast for the  Clif Bar RD summit . I will write more about this summit in another blog post but I was invited to the summit, along with 18 other RD's from around the US (many from NY) to learn about Clif Bar, the company and products.  As a RD, I take my role as a health professional very seriously. Specifically, with my focus on sport nutrition and fueling a body in motion, this was a great opportunity for me to understand a  sport nutrition product company that focuses on sustainable fuel and taste products to better educate and inform the public and athletes. As you know by now, real food is how I role. Bars are not my first choice when it comes to nourishing my body or when I need a snack but that doesn't mean I don't travel without them in my stash of traveling eats. For this direct 5 hour flight from Charlotte to San Fran, I enjoyed a de