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Discover your (natural) talent

From cyclist.... To triathlete..... To runner..... I can't help but smile when people ask me if I get jealous or upset about Karel's "natural" talent to go from 20+ years as a competitive cyclist to a triathlete who can run crazy fast. Karel and I both grew up as "athletes" so we both understand what it means to work hard for results. Of course, 6.5 years ago, when I met Karel on the bike, I never thought that I would now be married to a triathlete. It's often said that cyclists can run.....but I would have to disagree that just because a cyclist is fit on the bike, it doesn't mean that fitness will transfer over to a weight bearing activity like running. Karel found running uncomfortable and often unbearable during the off-season in years past but then again, he only liked to run for beer and he never "trained" for running races, just used it as "exercise". Since starting a new multisport lifestyle in June

Need a detox meal?

Want to boost the metabolism, lose weight, remove harmful toxins, improve skin health, sleep better, boost energy and improve mood? You may be familiar with the practice of "detox" in terms of sticking to a diet for 24-72+ hours in order to rid the body of unhealthy toxins and to help with weight loss (as the primary reasons for abiding to a detox diet of your choice). Because we live in a society of quick fixes and if it is too good to be true, we will try it, keeping the body from obtaining important nutrients is not only damaging for fitness/performance but comes with risks for dehydration, fatigue, dizziness, nausea and even colon damage. Thankfully, I don't receive many emails from athletes regarding the need to "detox" (athletes don't like to be hungry) but I still receive emails from active individuals wanting to know my thoughts on going on a "detox" diet because they struggle with weight loss or they suffer from GI distress during trainin

Happy National RD Day!

What a fantastic day to be a RD! Happy National Registered Dietitian Day!!! When you have a nutrition question, where's the first place you go? Do you check the Internet, a blog, or ask a friend? While you may find quick information that way, it may not be the most accurate or practical. Although many people have experience in an area which could make them an expert on a topic, never hesitate to turn to a trusted source: a registered dietitian. We went to school to earn our credentials, to better serve the public. Need nutrition help? Find a RD who specializes in a field that can be of assistance to your personal needs and goals. As you may or may not know, the RD route wasn't always in my future plans. After obtaining a bachelor of arts degree in exercise science and minor in psychology and then earning a master of science in exercise physiology, I took that extra step that many people have considered "not needed" in order to provide nutritional advice to

Eating with a purpose: Couscous and broccoli stir fry

When I work with individuals on nutrition, I believe that it can be really hard to changes things if you don't have a "why" to your "how's". In other words, if you don't know why you want to change something, then how will you go about making the change and stick with it? The most common response I receive to my nutrition questionnaire when I work with athletes and fitness enthusiasts, when I ask about "what are you least looking forward to in this nutrition journey" is the response of "giving up my favorite foods". I can be completely, 100% honest with you in that Karel and I never feel guilty or restricted in our diet. We have absolutely no rules, I do not lecture Karel about food, Karel does not tell me what I shouldn't eat and meal time is a happy time. We eat our favorite foods because they have a purpose in our diet. Whether it is cookies that Karel brings home from the local bakery or all has a purpose in our h

Foundation of fueling - how's your diet looking?

Cooking in compression gear in Kona, Hawaii. Food is fuel.  I have studied the body during activity for nearly 13 years but I am still learning as the body is extremely complicated. But as an athlete and clinical dietitian, I am constantly reminded that food not only fuels our workout routine but also our life. That is, if we don't have the right balance of nutrients on a day-to-day basis, our workouts will suffer. The picture above is from the 2011 Ironman World Championships. Just another day of cooking in my condo before the biggest endurance event in the world. Although the event may be extreme, cooking is nothing complicated to me and surely it helped me get to the starting line of my past 4 Ironmans (including Ironman #5 and my 2nd Ironman World Championship). While in Kona, I wrote an article for LAVA on " taking your plate to the big island " which was a lot of fun for me to write as I believe that we should never stop fueling our body with fuel and nutrien