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Endless Salad... creations

The other night Karel and I had a date at Ruby Tuesday's. We rarely eat out (and when I say rarely, I mean once or twice every 4-5 months). I had a coupon for Ruby Tuesdays and I was really excited to spend some time with my hubby, with no distractions (like computer or TV...although I don't mind being distracted by my furry best friend) and to enjoy some "occasional" foods and not have to do the cooking. I always enjoy a good salad bar because of the many selections of pre-chopped foods..that I didn't have to chop. But, I am always careful to recognize that salad bars are often criticized for outbreaks of food borne illnesses. I would recommend being mindful of possibly consuming food borne bacteria as the result of anyone other than yourself preparing and serving food, so it is important to keep food safety as a number one priority when consuming food outside the home. Even though food borne bacteria can come from food inside the home, at least you know exa

Did you eat your plants today?

There's nothing more exciting than receiving a new journal or magazine in the mail. I subscribe to several newsletters, journals and magazines which provide factual and reputable information from topics of vegetarian nutrition, environmental nutrition and consumer health, as well as having subscriptions to Triathlete magazine and LAVA magazine. As a recently credentialed RD, it is my responsibility to the profession to provide information that is backed by scientific research. Although my registration qualification to provide nutrition advice is backed-up by the Commission on Dietetic Registration registration, we all have the right to provide our opinion when it comes to nutrition, fitness and exercise. However, I find it important that when you provide your opinion on a certain topic related to nutrition, you are careful not to use conclusive words such as "CAN'T", "WILL", "NEVER" as well as negative words like "BAD", "CHEAT&q

Plate Not Pills: calcium

Since the training season for triathlons is reaching its peak, I have been working with many athletes on nutrition. Although I focus on both daily nutrition and training nutrition in order to maximize performance gains and minimize GI (tummy) distress, I enjoy fine-tuning the daily diet in order to help my athletes experience the most physiological training adaptations with the least amount of training stress. In my opinion, a balanced training/exercise plan with the right mental attitude is the perfect combination to experiencing a fun journey of appreciating food for fuel. I hope you enjoy my latest article in LAVA online. Be sure to check out the recipe for chocolate mousse...yum! I didn't come up with this creations but it looks fabulous and I can't wait to try it out!! Plates Not Pills: Calcium - LAVA Magazine

Monday Food (product) Review

Last week was a productive training week. I was a little confused on my training because I was feeling rested after several "active recovery" days. I discussed with Karel his focus of last week (as I thought it was a build week) and to my surprise, it was a recovery week and I didn't even know it! I had previously discussed with Karel that after two weeks of build, I really needed a few days recovery because I was feeling tired and really needed some time to reflect in order to keep my mind sharp for the last 1 1/2 months of training. Karel gave me the fantastic news that I would have a full week of recovery and I ended the week with only 1 "intense" brick on wed, 3 great swims and two bike-focused brick workouts over the weekend (no long run). The focus for the weekend was to put everything together. Karel did an excellent job knowing exactly what I could handle at this point in my training and my workouts were just perfect... nothing that I couldn't hand