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Race report (w/ pics) will be posted soon (likely Monday). One more race to go at 1:15pm (8-corner, 80 min criterium). I couldn't resist posting Kare's results now..... After 5 x 14 mile loops (70 miles), in the middle of nowhere (well, somewhere outside of Winter Haven, FL), with strong winds and a huge field..... Congrats Karel!!! Your first time on the podium as a category 1!!!! Way to go on your 2nd place finish!

Fun Food Facts + Kiwi-Cranberry Salad + Crock pot vegatable soup

Over the past 8 years of my "healthy vegetarian athlete journey" I have learned to have a really healthy relationship with food. I love how it makes me feel during my workouts, I love how food makes me feel during the day and I just love the look and taste of wholesome and healthy food. I can't say that I've always had these thoughts and I can't say that 24/7 I feel comfortable with my food choices. I am normal just like you and I have my ups and downs with food as I attempt to find out what exactly works for my body. However, I am 100% certain that my passion in life is nutrition and if I truely want to understand how food can make me a better athlete and healthier woman, well, I just need to eat good, healthy food as often as possible. I thought I would post a few fun facts about food and drinks ( *I didn't do the research to see if all of these facts are 100% true so don't hold me to them... 1. 50% of US piz

Banana Bread and great times

I've been in the mood for warm bread lately. No need to stop by Panera or indulge in a cinnamon roll. After I prepared dinner last night (huge colorful salad topped w/ tofu and veggie burger) I mixed together my ingredients for my banana bread and 15 minutes later our place was smelling SO good. Enjoy my latest creation! Fiberlicious Banana Bread 3/4 cup whole wheat flour 1/4 cup oats 2 tsp flax seed 1/4 cup skim milk 3/4 cup water 1 egg 1 tbsp Greek yogurt 1 tbsp honey Dash of cinnamon and all-spice 1 capfull almond extract 1 tsp baking soda 2 tsp baking powder 13 whole almonds (chopped) Small handful raisins (chopped) 1 large banana (mashed) *pre-heat oven to 375 degrees 1. Mix all ingredients together. 2. Pour batter into large baking pan (either round or square). If using muffin tin, as well as round pan, pour 3/4 batter into round pan and the rest of batter into mini muffin tin. 3. Cook for 12-18 min or until bread is firm on top. Sometimes I have great weeks and sometimes, I

Plyo's, Granola and Food Porn

I've received a few emails regarding Plyo's. I'm going to have Karel demonstrate his Plyo routine next week (hopefully, if he's not too sore from his upcoming race this weekend). Here's a link to a video I did in 2008 on Plyo video I recently completed a whole new set of beginner and advanced plyo/circuit training exercises on and I will let you know when they are edited and published. So, after you do your Plyo-routine.....Enjoy some home-made Pineapple-apple granola w/ your recovery whey protein, milk or yogurt. I think I will find as many ways possible to re-create my granola recipe :) Enjoy my latest healthy creation! Pineapple - Apple Granola 3/4 cup oats 4 pineapple rings (canned or fresh) - I diced them myself 1 1/2 tbsp honey 1 cap-full almond extract Dash of cinnamon and allspice 2 tbsp sunflower seeds 1/8 cup raisins (chopped) 1/8 cup cranberries (chopped) 1/8 cup almonds (chopped)

Enjoying the morning sweat

Exhausted, pooped, tired, beat, worn-out, drained, dragging & running on empty. There are lots of ways to express how you feel after a few hard workouts. There are also ways to express how you feel during those hard workouts (or how you feel about the person who designed your workout plan) but I will keep this blog rated-G. The last few days have been great as far as putting in quality training. I feel great during my workouts and I love the feeling after my workout is over. Although my day starts around 4:30-6am (depending on the day) I am so much more productive, stress-free and happy after a good morning sweat. Considering that I keep myself really busy during the day, alongside several Campy walks, I look forward to 6pm when I can start making dinner and enjoy the rest of the evening, relaxing with Karel and our furry little ones. Even with a great run on Sat. I was feeling it on Sunday. I would use the word "pooped" when I woke up on Sunday morning. Thankfully, my 4

What happened to an Apple and Peanut Butter

My latest article on (and on the FREE Iron Girl Newslettter) was probably one of my most favorite articles to write. I want to be open and express that I am one who practices what I preach. I absolutely LOVE foods that are wholesome in natural and contain little to no ingredients. But, I also have off-brand Fiber One bars in my pantry, as well as Wal-mart Toasty-O's cereal, Nabisco Graham Crackers and chocolate Teddy Grahams. I did not get upset at Karel when he bought the Teddy Grahams and I don't feel as if 1/2 sheet Graham Cracker w/ a little PB, alongside a bowl of fruit, is horrible for my body. My fiber one bars are perfect for traveling (although I always pack lunches and other snacks). Also, 1/2 bar on the way home from a long morning workout at the Y helps me from overeating and craving everything in sight before I make my morning smoothie or bowl of oatmeal w/ milk. I have to admit, however, that Karel and I go through fruit and veggies (as well as low-fa

Check out recipe section

Hello veggie lovers! I've started to put my recipes on a separate page (see recipe section on the right side of this blog). I will one day put nutrition facts but for now, still working on posting all of my many creations. I hope you enjoy the healthy creations that you put into your body..fueling your lifestyle and your workouts. Enjoy! *I'm not a big fan of long ingredient lists and I've noticed that many of my recipes have a lot of ingredients. I typically just add a little over everything in my place :) Let me know if you would like me to post my recipes in a certain way, to make it easier for you to follow along. Do you like step-by-step w/ pics or the pics after the entire recipe is posted? In my food service course for my dietetic program I learned several different ways to write recipes so whatever is most helpful for you, please let me know. Thanks!

Plant-based diet + hearty vegetarian recipes

I think it is great when I read comments or receive emails from people/athletes telling me that they have adopted a more vegetarian-friendly diet. Even though, as you can tell, I do not 'preach' vegetarianism. Although I am an animal-lover, I don't mind if you (or Karel) has meat in your diet. However, I do encourage lean meat and other sources of protein. But, vegetarian or not, I am all about a plant-based diet. There are many ways to achieve a healthy diet, no matter what diet you choose, but when it comes to calling yourself an athlete (or fitness enthusiast) the micronutrients found in fruits and veggies are just as important as the macronutrients (carbs, protein and fat). Sure, there are plenty of vitamins in carbs, amino acids in protein and omega's in healthy fats, but when it comes down to keep you satisfied at meals, preventing shifts in blood sugar, adding nutrients and water to your diet and preventing overeating, nutrient-dense foods, such as fruits and veg