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2016 USA Cycling National Championships

We could not be more excited to welcome another cycling event to Greenville, SC this weekend! This weekend at the  Bikeville Classic ,  Professional men and women will be competing for the Stars and Stripes National Championship Jersey in the team time trial and criterium.  Elite amateur racers are also competing both days, as well as a fun ride on Saturday on the Southern Connector. If you are in or around the area, we highly recommend that you attend this event! We hope to see you at the Crit on Sunday as we will be cheering on the pro cyclists in downtown Greenville. (after the event, enjoy a walk in Falls Park or enjoy our awesome downtown and shop and dine at one of our many awesome restaurants). Professional Team Time Trial National Championship The Bikeville Classic Weekend kicks off Saturday, April 16 with the Team Time Trial National Championships on the Southern Connector (I-185). The winning team will be the one who records fastest time over the 20-mile

Performance-focused nutrition

As an athlete, you have special nutritional requirements compared to your fellow exercise enthusiasts. You do incredible things with your body on a daily basis and you have high expectations for what your body will do on race day. And unlike research laboratory studies, you are not exercising to see how long you can go but instead, you train to see how fast you can cover a specific distance on a specific date.   As an athlete, you probably experience many challenges when it comes meeting your extreme training needs through the daily diet because you are not like other people who must only meet basic nutritional needs - you must have great nutritional habits on a day-to-day basis but you also have an extra responsibility to your body to ensure it has the right foods, at the right times to give you extra energy, to delay fatigue, to promote recovery and to keep your body in good hormonal and metabolic health. First off, if you are reading this right now, I want you to own-

Healthy eating - getting started

Most athletes will come to me for nutrition help with the goals of: -Improving performance -Improving their relationship with food and/or the body -Changing body composition All three goals require dietary changes (in some capacity) and depending on the athlete, he/she may want to achieve all three goals listed above, or just one or two. Oddly enough, sometimes changing body composition can improve performance but so can improving the relationship with food and the body. And sometimes focusing on nutrition limiters and strengths in order to improve performance, with a great relationship with food and the body can change body composition.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to dietary changes as every individual is on his/her own nutritional journey. Furthermore, every athletes may have his/her own personal limitations when it comes to the "best" approach to changing the diet - this can be anything from lack of healthy food options, unrealistic eating/bo

Healthy eating patterns

It seems like every day there is a new diet telling us what not to eat and a scientific article for reference. A nutrition expert, doctor, celebrity, professional athlete or personal trainer touting a diet plan. A book, blog or website telling us what foods are destroying our health.  And a food company excited to grab the market share by introducing a new “healthy” re-engineered processed food alternative which has the opportunity to be highly profitable.   And with all this information - people are still confused how to eat.  Whether it’s lack of confidence, common sense, passion or effort for healthy eating, much of our society relies on diet plans as the easiest or quickest way to lose weight, improve performance or to improve health. In America, eating habits are unstable.  When it comes to the mention of food, people are confused. You may have even found yourself grocery shopping and saying "I have no idea what to buy or eat!" In our society, we h