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No longer a dietetic intern

After 10 months of interning and a total of around 1260 documented interning hours, I have officially completed my dietetic internship and the 1200 hr requirement to be eligible for the RD exam. To finish my dietetic internship program, I have one last final to take before Wed and several documents to sign in order to receive my statement allowing me to register for the RD exam. Although the final is timed at 2 hours, has close to 200 questions and counts for 90% of my final grade, I am feeling really confident about successfully passing my internship. Somehow, everything clicked this week. On Tues morning I was super nervous to be on the post-op floor, considering that I would need to put the past 12 weeks of interning to the test. Seeing patients with all types of surgeries, procedures and conditions, it was a big confidence-booster for me to feel comfortable assessing and following my patients. Amazingly, my 10-hour days went by super fast and it was often sad to think that it would

2 more days!!

Where has the time gone!!! NOLA was a well-needed trip and we had such a great time. I officially wore out Campy (didn't think it was possible) and Karel did an excellent job keeping the type-A, slightly stressed triathletes nice and calm, while doing a few last minute fix-ups on their tri-bikes. I suppose I take for granted having Karel with me at my Ironman races and as my everyday bike tech. Don't you worry, I will share him with my blog readers if you ever need anything :) I don't think I have gone this long without blogging since I started my blog, but I promise it is all worth it. I have two more days and I will be finished with my interning hours on Fri. WOW, over 1200 hours and 10 months of interning. I am loving my staff relief rotation and right now I am on the post-op unit and loving my last few 10 hour days of interning. Today an MD asked me for my advice on a low osmolality tube feeding formula for a pt with a jejunostomy tube (j tube) because the pt was having