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Juicing, salt tabs, creatine, dairy, belly fat - your questions answered by an RD!

Did you participate in the  Oakley Women  chat on Friday? If not, no worries!  I will be back next Friday to answer your questions on another great nutrition topic in honor of National Nutrition Month. You can check out all of the great questions and my responses on the  Oakley Women   page but I wanted to share some of the questions and my responses on my blog that I felt would apply to all of you athletes and fitness enthusiasts.  Thank you everyone for your great questions and for taking time to pick my brain! Q:  Hi Marni - Is there a big difference between peanut butter and almond butter? I have  always eaten peanut butter, but I've been told that almond butter is healtier. Any insight you can provide there (note: I have a crazy addition to PB! hahah).  A.  don't worry - a peanut butter addiction is a good one to have. I recommend a natural  PB (ex.  Smucker's Natural Peanut Butter ) but any nut butter is fine. The key is just the nuts   and salt

Trimarni camp day 4 - putting it all together with the Trimarni Mock Tri!

Day 1:  1 hour swim, 1:15 hour interval run, 30 min strength Day 2:  3-4 hour bike + 30 min run Day 3: 3 hour bike + 60-80 min run After our team dinner on Saturday evening, Karel and I relaxed in bed at our hotel and we couldn't stop talking about our campers.Over three days of quality and tough training, we heard no complaints and saw a lot of effort and heard no excuses. When discussing the plan for the mock tri on Sunday for the last day of camp, we could tell our campers were tired but smiles that we saw on Thursday, still remained on their faces. The camp was going so well, beyond our expectations and although we knew everyone was tired, we didn't want the camp to end. And what what we could not expect was how well everyone was getting along. There were no competition as to who's the best, fastest or strongest athlete but instead, each athlete pushed each other as comfort zones were stretched. Since Karel and I are all about teamwork, it was a beautiful sight to