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Did you say Thank You?

There's no reason for posting this picture except for the fact that it makes me smile. I came across this quote the other day... "Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live" How true is this quote???? Yet for many, there are very few "thank you's" given to the human body. As athletes we love having great training days. We also love good training days as well as tough training days. But when things feel a little off or the body is tired, we often feel defeated, as if our body has failed. However, I see otherwise. This morning I had a tough workout. All three sports, swim, bike and run on tired legs and with a tired body. I respected my body by allowing a full day off from training on Tues and a easy swim + light strength on Wed. After a massage on Wed and the "ok" from my amazing massage therapist Marjorie ( she cleared me to resume training as she said my body had no hot spots and I had recove

Feeling inspired

Odds are that you know someone who is racing this weekend. This week I have found myself counting down the days until my friends and athletes partake in x-race and leave everything out on the race course - racing their plan and enjoying the experience. With Ironman Wisconsin, The Nation's Triathlon, Rev 3 140.6 (Ohio), Iron Girl Seattle (running race) and the Ironman World Championships 70.3 (Vegas) as some of the BIG events, I can't help but feel inspired by so many dedicated athletes. As we approach several more notable triathlon events in the next month or two, there will be no shortage of inspiring and motivating blogs from athletes all around the world. But with the Ironman World Championships in 30 days, I find that preparing my mind is just as important as preparing my body for this upcoming 140.6 mile event. This same passion, dedication and excitement that I have for this upcoming triathlon is combined with a similar passion for nutrition and coaching. For triathlons i

Tofu and Pineapple salad

Karel just sent me my last BIG build before Kona. Yesterday was a lovely day off from structured training and it included hip exercises, stretching and 3 LONG walks with Campy. Today I had a wonderful swim which followed a moderate intensity strength training session (around 20 minutes). My body is feeling good (much better than a few days ago) and I can't believe how quickly time is flying by. I have been staying super busy throughout the day so I find myself welcoming my training as it is a time to clear my mind and brainstorm. Tonight I will be speaking at the Trek Store of Jacksonville (San Jose location) for an event that is open to the public, but is also the monthly Hammerhead Triathlon Club meeting. I am so excited to speak to so many triathletes and future triathletes/runners :) A common thought that continues to pop into my head is the idea that I am a vegetarian training for the Ironman World Championships. Certainly I don't feel that I am healthy because I don't

Training camp Day 4

That's right, I'm just as surprised as you. There's a day 4 of the Trimarni Kona training camp. However, the last day of the camp was specific to swimming. Thankfully, no more weight bearing exercise as my body has done more than I could ever expect and I could not be more delighted with my endurance, speed, power (specifically my power to weight ratio on the bike) and ability to overcome mental and physical fatigue. Today was about putting in just one more quality workout when my body and mind wanted to scream "no more" but I found myself also hungry for more. I have to admit, my body is tired (can't wait for some quality sleep!) and a bit on the sore side. My body feels somewhere around day 3 or 4 post-Ironman. I found this saying on a website Mental Toughness- Having a physiological edge that enables you to be consistent, confident, focused, and determined during high pressure situations in order to

Training camp: Day 3

There are a few sets from my College and High School swimming days that still make me cringe when I think about them. There is one specific set from college that I will never forget as the set required complete focus and the right mentality in order to successful complete. The set was 8 x 50's on no interval, however if you wanted to get out of practice in time for dinner you had around an hour to complete the set. Sounds simple until the coach reminds us that the set is "NO BREATH" from a start and you must complete 8 of them. The funny thing about this set is if you think about it, swimming for 30ish seconds (my time back then for a 50 yard easy swim) while holding your breath shouldn't be that hard. However, it never failed that I would always end up taking a breath with no more than 5 strokes to the wall (around where the flags hang). Why was it that I couldn't make it to the wall? Sure, my body was filling with lactic acid as I was holding my breath and