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The 5K run went better than expected. Who knew I was a sprinter! Ok-I think my legs are too short to be a sprinter and I'm not breaking 20 minutes but I'm happy with an almost PR...just 7 seconds away from breaking 21 minutes. I'll take it considering there was nothing flat on this course! Mile 1: 6:30 Mile 2: 6:35 Mile 3: 7:06 5K: 21.07 Enjoy the pics from yesterday! The computer trainer ride yesterday was 6 loops of the 1K Twilight Crit. Tonight, Karel will try to hang on as long as he can during the two hour crit tonight. OUCH! TOP 8 HEAT Winners: FINAL HEAT! Check out those watts!

Athens Twilight Crit

We are in Athens! The 6 hour drive went really quickly. After dropping off Campy at 8:30 at a friends house (tear :( ) we headed off to Athens. We checked into the Days Inn after slowly driving through the frats off University of Georgia. Oh, the days of being in college. We headed straight to College Ave so Karel could check his times for the Computrainer grid heats. Karel's heat was at 515 so we had enough time to check in and for Karel to warm-up for 30 min. on his trainer. The computrainer event was awesome. I've never seen anything like it. 100 guys (out of the 150 who are racing the main event tomorrow) can race on the computrainer in heats. There are 11 heats of 8 people and they take the top 8 people of the day for the computrainer finals. The computrainers were on a stage and there were 3 flat screen TV's showing the audience and the riders their wattage, speed, distance, place, etc. It was so cool! I have lots of pics so I will post those later this afternoon. We

Creative, yet healthy

I am not sure if I like to cook because I get to be creative or because I like to be creative, I like to cook. Well, whatever way you look at it, I believe that now-a-days, you have to be creative when you make a healthy meal at home. I have admitted several times on my blog that I can't afford to be 100% organic and natural. I think there are many benefits of having all-natural products and food in our place and I am sure my recipes would be a lot more interesting if I shopped at natural food stores. But, I am on a budget and I hope to always shop on a budget. I think when it comes to buying food, it is all relative to how much money you can and want to spend on food. However, regardless if a food is natural, organic, high in whole grains or free of hydrogenated oils you still have to portion your meals and watch calories. Last night I made Karel a super yummy and heart healthy dinner of rice, fish and a salad. First off, I started with the rice. Ever look on the sodium content of

Earth day

I wish the "more natural" approach was popular all year long, but for today..... HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!


Want to recover faster after workouts? Want to prevent eating too many calories at your "real" meal after a workout? Want to ensure glyocgen storage at your post workout meal? Want to stablize blood sugar after a workout? Want a yummy treat to help get stronger and get ready for upcoming workouts? Have a smoothie! Here is my general rule with protein after a workout. Recovery nutrition always depends on intensity of training, body size (calories), weather, type of exercise and weekly volume. However, you can never go wrong with protein within 45 min. after your workouts: *After 2+ hour workouts - 200-350 calories. Smoothie w/ 1 scoop whey protein and fruit, yogurt, milk, nuts, PB, ice cream, chocolate, etc. About 30-90 min. after the smoothie, have a 300-500 calorie breakfast of complex carbohydrates, a little fat and a little protein. *After 90-120 min. workouts - 150-250 calories. Smoothie w/ 1 scoop whey protein, fruit and 4-6 ounces milk OR 1 scoop whey protein w/ 8 ounce

Two crashes and Earth day

I'm exhausted. Last hard training block before a recovery week: Sat - 15.5 miles running w/ my friend Katrine Sat - Worked Earth day 11:30-4:30 Sun - 82 mile ride (4 1/2 hrs) in the wind + 27 run with Campy Sun - Visit my friend Libby at St. Augustine beach Sun - nutrition chat 8pm. Somewhere in the madness I managed to complete one project for school but I will be stressed with homework all day today. Just 2 more weeks of school left before finals! So, in all of that training you can see I didn't do much resting. I will save this topic for another post but I want to stress the importance of rest and sleep with an increase of volume. Yes-you will be tired and exhausted when you increase your trianing volume for an IM or even a sprint tri so therefore, you need to increase your sleep! You don't need to supplement to try to give yourself more energy. You don't need to eat more cause you think you aren't eating enough because you have no energy.