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No resting for us

Karel was up at 5am for his 6:30am ride at the beach. I layed in bed until 6 and finally started my morning. At 7 I was out the door w/ my bike. No arm warmers, no winter gloves, no booties. Short sleeve jersey and shorts. I love having open windows when it is less than 70 outside but I am loving the heat right now! The AC needed to wake up since it's almost March but the warm weather just reminds me that cycling and triathlon season is just around the corner. Sweaty athletes + Racing season = Summer I rode 45 miles (2 hours, 30 minutes) and it went by so fast. It was a bit windy out there so my HR was up in the 2nd hour but I kept the ride really comfortable. After the ride, Campy was ready. Ready to run. We ran 27 minutes and it was hot. We stopped at the Trek store for some water (campy needed it) at 15 minutes and then he was ready to run some more. He is getting so much better with staying focused while we run. After the run I gave Campy some cottage cheese and I took a refres

Warm, Sun, Cool, Rain

What a forecast for this weekend. Although we have a 50% chance of rain tomorrow night (which means, it will rain) the forecast calls for sun and a high of 78-degrees in the morning! Finally...NO trainer!!! I plan to do at least 2 hours on the bike but no more than 3. It is my recovery week and I am really looking forward to the bump up in volume for the next block of training. I haven't acclimated Campy to the "hot" weather yet (since we got him in October) but I'm sure we will both run with our tongues hanging out after my bike ride. Weather looks great for a cool run on Sunday because the high is 55-degrees but then there is a 90% chance for rain. I don't think I have too long of a run on Sunday so I could put up with the treadmill on sunday if I have to. Campy and I are going to downtown Jacksonville after my brick workout tomorrow morning. We are attending the Trail of Tails Pet Walk and Festival. I thought about walking campy for the 1.5 mile walk at 10am bu


Yesterday was National Pancake day. I plan to celebrate the "holiday" this weekend after one of my long workouts. Although I have a recovery week and an easy 2 hour ride + 30 min run for Sat., I must pay tribute to all the pancake lovers out there :) I usually have a box of whole wheat and white flour in my pantry but I really like the whole wheat pancakes. However, Karel (and myself sometimes) find it hard to eat a whole wheat pancake after a hot, long ride. The white-flour pancakes seem to digest a bit easier because they are so much lighter. Because we all need more fiber in our diet, here is a "lighter" option for pancakes which will provide your body with complex carbs after your weekend workout, without causing you to feel stuffed. Also, because the batter is low in calories, you can really "dress up" the inside of your crepe however you choose. I like PB and Jelly with granola, yogurt and raisins whereas Karel likes a scoop of ice cream and a piece


Not much going on here. I have a biochemistry exam on Thursday which I have been studying for since last week. I really want to do well on it. Tomorrow Karel is off from I am sure he will enjoy a long bike ride in the morning, followed by doing a lot of nothing the rest of the day. I will be no fun all day unless Karel wants to hear about carboxyl groups, ketones, saturated fats and nucleic acids. Lots of fun, I know. BTW-I had to watch two movies for my biochemistry class and write a 2 page review on them. If you haven't seen them, I recommend Lorenzo's Oil and Awakenings. Both movies involve biochemistry and they are really good movies! Tomorrow morning I am going to change things up and run before I swim. I know I will be extremely tired for my swim but more so, I don't know if my body is ready to run at 5am. Well, we will see how this goes but I know I will be glad to have nothing to do after the swim. It's like pulling teeth, every week, to get on the tr


Do you ever notice when one thing in life is balance there are 5 other things that stress you out during the day? Or should I say, when your training is going well you come home and have a zillion things on your mind! That is me right now. Training couldn't be better. However, if I think about my training in the beginning of January, I was thinking I'd never be able to do an Ironman in August. Well, compete in an Ironman and actually race it (and finish of course). It has been almost 2 months since I started my serious triathlon training. Base season was great and I still have a month to go before I start getting into the "speed/lactate" specific training. However, the miles really got to me in January and I found myself weak, un-motivated and frustrated. Luckily, I didn't give up and because exercise is part of my life, I woke up every morning in January and did my swim/bike/run workout as if I was just exercising. Today on my 2 hour and 5 minute run, I finally s