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LA Oakley Global Sales Conference

There are really no words to summarize this trip, let alone my experience with Oakley Women. Since becoming an ambassador for Oakley Women in June 2011, I welcomed a new family into my life. It is without question that the other 9 INSPIRING ambassadors, as well as myself, have been given a lot of great swag to try out and to provide feedback. As a long-time Oakley sunglass wearer, I have to admit that Oakley Women has really changed the way that I live. It's far beyond free sunglasses and cute apparel. I suppose Karel started this journey in helping me find balance in both life and sport but Oakley Women has introduced me to an entirely new way to think about how we choose to live our life. Arriving on Wed evening, I did not experience the first two days of this week-long conference. But I sure did hear about it all!! From Lance Armstrong being the "surprise" guest on Tuesday and a dinner + party at the Playboy mansion, Oakley really knows how to find the right balance be

Your Questions, ANSWERED!

I receive questions from blog readers on a weekly basis and I love hearing your concerns, questions and ponderings in the areas of nutrition and fitness. As our teachers always said "there are no silly questions" and I fully believe that if you have a question, you are not alone in not knowing the answer. Thanks to your questions, you always keep me on my toes..constantly learning (and trying new things) in the field of nutrition, health, wellness and training. Here are a few questions that I'd like to share with my blog readers. Feel free to email me @ with your questions, concerns or comments..I LOVE emails! Q: I recently read about a Carbohydrate Intolerance test through Phil Maffetone's book on endurance training. Have you heard about this test? Have any of your athletes/clients performed it? A: haven't heard of this test until now, but thanks for emailing me about it. I went to the website and all I can say is that it is a great wa

5-minute meal

Although we should all strive to live a more balanced life, I know it can be hard at first to acknowledge that change is necessary. It's always fun for me to reflect with Karel (and through my old blog posts) on our own personal journey with nutrition and training. I can think back to when we were dating....we both trained twice a day, we couldn't go to bed without a bowl of ice cream and we ate out at least once a week (Panera was our favorite place). Almost 6 years ago, we didn't recognize the importance of eating for health for our main focus was on training and we had plenty of "excuses" to enjoy the foods that we craved. As we started to enjoy a more wholesome diet, we found our cravings for sweets, processed "healthy foods" and starchy carbs begin to change and despite no considerable change in training volume, we slowly found ourselves gravitating towards more plant-based, "REAL" food meals. Of course, with me being a vegetarian, my die