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How to race for a lifetime

I'm so thankful that I slept in on Monday and recovered my body and mind. Monday is either a complete off day or a 2500-3000 recovery swim but it is always decided on Sunday whether or not I will exercise on Monday morning. My choice to recover has allowed for 4 great training sessions where I was able to stick to my workouts as prescribed. Tues AM track -main set: 6 x 800's w/ 400 jog/walk Tues PM Bike - main set: 3 x 15 min Z3 w/ 2 min EZ Wed AM hip strength, then swim - main set 6 x 200's, 400 drill, 3 x 100's Thurs AM Brick - Main set on bike: 8 min Z3, 2 min EZ, 10 min Z3, 2 min EZ, 14 min Z3, 2 min EZ, 10 min Z3, 5 min EZ, 8 min Z4. Main set on run: mile 1 easy, mile 2 and 3 moderate, mile 4 hard. Cool down w/ Campy Yep - it's a lot but body is fueled, mind is relaxed and life is balanced. No less than 7 hours of sleep a night and the main focus is always on the main set - not the time or miles. I make sure every workout counts. Here lately, I find

Belated BREAKING Ironman news

" I have found that if you love life, life will love you back" - Arthur Rubinstein. I just realized that I forgot to share an important piece of information on my blog. Although it is easy for me to educate, motivate and inspire the world via my Trimarni  Facebook page , my blog is my journal, my life story. So without any Ironman hiatus is finally over. Ahhhh, deep exhale - I feel alive again. Although I welcomed this intentional break from racing my favorite distance, I feel I have achieved what Karel had planned for me by racing "shorter" running and triathlon races. I am not injured, I have developed speed and I am stronger than ever before. Keeping my eye on the (kona) prize, I realize that every training has a purpose. I don't burn calories, I train. I fuel to perform, I recover to get stronger. And I do all of this by creating balance in my life.....and having a lot of fun along the way. Oh the memories.....

A triathletes body

After my long run on Sunday morning (12 mile group run) I recovered in my favorite type of salt bath...and did a little thinking. Over the past 12 years, I have spent most of my days learning about the physiology of the body. Whether it is during exercise or in relation to nutrition, over the past 4380 days, I can't really think of a day when I wasn't learning. Although the stressful learning (aka exams) is behind me, I know have 3 credentials behind my name that qualify me to provide advice to the public in the fields of exercise science (BA), exercise physiology (MS) and nutrition (RD, LD/N). I also have a list of athletic accomplishments to help me say "been there, done that". But with credentials come experience. At the ripe age of 30, I certainly have a lot of learning to do. I've had learning lessons along the way and I have been stubborn in several life-changing decisions/experiences. But I've been very careful to always learn in orde