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How to race for a lifetime

I'm so thankful that I slept in on Monday and recovered my body and mind. Monday is either a complete off day or a 2500-3000 recovery swim but it is always decided on Sunday whether or not I will exercise on Monday morning.

My choice to recover has allowed for 4 great training sessions where I was able to stick to my workouts as prescribed.

Tues AM track -main set: 6 x 800's w/ 400 jog/walk
Tues PM Bike - main set: 3 x 15 min Z3 w/ 2 min EZ
Wed AM hip strength, then swim - main set 6 x 200's, 400 drill, 3 x 100's
Thurs AM Brick - Main set on bike: 8 min Z3, 2 min EZ, 10 min Z3, 2 min EZ, 14 min Z3, 2 min EZ, 10 min Z3, 5 min EZ, 8 min Z4. Main set on run: mile 1 easy, mile 2 and 3 moderate, mile 4 hard. Cool down w/ Campy

Yep - it's a lot but body is fueled, mind is relaxed and life is balanced. No less than 7 hours of sleep a night and the main focus is always on the main set - not the time or miles. I make sure every workout counts.

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Belated BREAKING Ironman news

" I have found that if you love life, life will love you back" - Arthur Rubinstein.

I just realized that I forgot to share an important piece of information on my blog. Although it is easy for me to educate, motivate and inspire the world via my Trimarni Facebook page, my blog is my journal, my life story.
So without any Ironman hiatus is finally over. Ahhhh, deep exhale - I feel alive again. Although I welcomed this intentional break from racing my favorite distance, I feel I have achieved what Karel had planned for me by racing "shorter" running and triathlon races. I am not injured, I have developed speed and I am stronger than ever before. Keeping my eye on the (kona) prize, I realize that every training has a purpose. I don't burn calories, I train. I fuel to perform, I recover to get stronger. And I do all of this by creating balance in my life.....and having a lot of fun along the way. Oh the memories.......
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A triathletes body

After my long run on Sunday morning (12 mile group run) I recovered in my favorite type of salt bath...and did a little thinking.
Over the past 12 years, I have spent most of my days learning about the physiology of the body. Whether it is during exercise or in relation to nutrition, over the past 4380 days, I can't really think of a day when I wasn't learning.
Although the stressful learning (aka exams) is behind me, I know have 3 credentials behind my name that qualify me to provide advice to the public in the fields of exercise science (BA), exercise physiology (MS) and nutrition (RD, LD/N). I also have a list of athletic accomplishments to help me say "been there, done that".
But with credentials come experience. At the ripe age of 30, I certainly have a lot of learning to do. I've had learning lessons along the way and I have been stubborn in several life-changing decisions/experiences. But I've been very careful to always learn in order to try to not…