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The time has arrived!!!

It's Athens Twilight weekend!!! "Founded in 1980 by Gene Dixon, the Athens Twilight Criterium was the first nighttime race in the United States in over 60 years. What began as one race with 40 competitors has since grown to offer eight separate race classes and 150 cyclists competing in the main event, the men's criterium, an 80K race around downtown Athens." The action starts tomorrow where the Pro riders will have the chance to participate in the Grid Qualifiers in order to be seated for the Sat evening race. The top 8 riders in the 3K Grid qualifiers will "race" Friday evening on the same course that they will be racing on for Saturday evening. Did I mention the "race" is on Computrainers????!!! Karel will be "participating" in the grid qualifier event considering that he never rides the trainer and is simply doing this to get seated near the mid front for the Sat evening event. Finals of Grid qualifiers - Pro (by: carolina cy


First off, a huge congrats to anyone who raced this past week. I always want to make a BIG shout-out to all the Jacksonville, FL athletes who raced!! We have a super fast, strong and competitive group here in Jacksonville and with several podium finishes at NOLA 70.3 and several other notable accomplishments among athletes in the past few months of racing, I am so lucky to be part of such a BIG running and triathlon community here in Jacksonville. Way to go Jax athletes!!! Well, it took 3 full day but I can finally roll my quads on the foam roller without screaming...too loud :) My piriformis (aka - butt) has been rolled with my TP massage ball at least 2-3 times a day (morning, late afternoon/early evening, before bed) to prevent any residual tightness/restrictions in my glutes. As for the rest of my recovery - loving it all besides not being able to walk down stairs at the hospital on Mon. Ok - maybe I did oddly love that a little bit. Monday was a day off as my main focus w

2012 Iron Girl Clearwater Half Marathon - the race report I never imagined I would get to write

There are runners and then there are triathletes. I am a triathlete. I love to run...and bike and swim. Here in Florida, we have running season and tri-season. Who am I? I am always a triathlete-in-training. My body will not allow me to train for marathons...but thankfully, I can train for the Ironman. Odd - I know. My genetic make-up does not allow me to be a sprinter but I love high intensity intervals. My body is not designed to sprint but being fast is all relative to competition and the perspectives (or race results) of others. Over the past few years, I've seen myself get stronger and faster as an athlete. As a coach, I've learned that many athletes compare themselves to others. Despite many of us participating in an individual sport, it's easy to compare times, bodies, races, equipment, etc. to others. My thoughts on this? Race your own race which is 100% based on how you physically and mentally prepared for the race. No one cares how much you weigh and s