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Ironman fuelilng in Greenville (recipes and pics)

Despite so many life changes over the past few months, my love, passion and excitement for real food did not dissipate. I am constantly giving thanks to my body for all that it allows me to do, for I know I balance a lot and at any moment it has the opportunity to fail me.  My love for real food has grown bigger and bigger over the years and the more I am introduced to new flavors, foods and cuisines, the more creative I become in my kitchen. I appreciate real wholesome food just like I appreciate effective and safe sport nutrition. My daily diet nourishes my body and keeps my immune system healthy. Without my good health, I can not train. Through proper fueling and nutrient timing, I am supporting the metabolic demands of my body and ensuring consistent workouts and a quick recovery.  Here are a few of the eats that I have enjoyed (with Karel) since we have moved to Greenville, both in and out of the Trimarni kitchen.  The Green lettuce restaurant Deli tray

Ironman Austria - let the countdown begin

Wow - can this really be true? We are leaving for Europe in 10 days and Karel and I will be racing Ironman Austria together on June 29th!  This will be my 8th Ironman (thank you body!) and Karel's 2nd Ironman.  After spending a week in Klagenfurt Austria we will be spending a week in Znojmo, Czech Republic to spend time with Karel's mom and dad. This will be Karel's 2nd time back to Czech Republic since 2000 and the last time was last May when we traveled together for my first trip to Europe.  It's hard to summarize how I am feeling right now mentally and physically with everything that has gone on in our life in the past few months. I'm sure many people can relate to my situation of life changing in an instant, a lot of big changes happening around the same time and a lot of changes happening over a period an extended period of time. I won't deny it that there have been a lot of life changes for me lately. My dad and I shared a great

Hydration tips - swim, bike, run

I know you have them but do you use them properly? Whew. Karel and I had one exhausting swim practice this morning with the Greenville Masters swim team (Greenville Splash) .  The team is primarily master swimmers so the workouts are not specific to triathlons but, it sure is nice to be pushed by some fast swimmers and to suffer as a group.  400 warm-up Pre-set: 8 x 25's w/ fins (fast) w/ 15 seconds rest 5 x 100's kick build to fast w/ 20 sec rest MS: 30 x 50's (rest 15 seconds, 10 seconds, 5 seconds by every 10) #1 Drill, #2, Drill moderate intensity, #3 fast (repeating) MS #2: 16 x 25's w/ paddles, fast (odd rest 5 seconds, even rest 10 seconds) 350 cool down Total: 3300 yards This was a speedy swim set with little rest between intervals and sets but I still had enough time to sip my bottle with 1 scoop  Speed (infinit)  to keep me fueled and hydrated for my 1-hour master swim workout.  I often observe that many swimmers/

Inaugural Women's Fitness Summit (Sorry guys, ladies only!)

Women's Fitness Summit I love speaking to women.  I love helping women change their lifestyles.  I love helping women reach personal goals.  I love helping women cross finish lines.  I love helping women learn how to have a healthy relationship with food. I love helping women learn how to love their body.  I love being a woman.  When I was asked to present at this summit on a topic specific to fueling the female endurance athlete, I could not pass up this wonderful opportunity to educate other women and to learn from the other experienced and knowledgeable female speakers.  How great - a conference for women, by women.  My racing season will be complete when this event takes place (Sept 27-28) and I will (hopefully) have Ironman #8 ( Ironman Austria, 6/29 )  and #9 (Ironman Wisconsin 9/7)  behind me.  That's 9 x 140.6 mile races in my 32 year old body and I have a lot of tips and info to share on how I keep my body healthy and fueled.  I am

Test your run fitness with under/overs

This morning I woke up at 5:30am to thunder which brought in some rain. But after 93 miles (5 hours and 40 minutes) and 6200 feet of climbing yesterday, I was ready to finish the week with my scheduled long run.  After my typical pre-training snack of rice cake + PB + raisins + honey + banana slices + granola and some water and coffee, I was out the door around 7am to start my dynamic warm-up.  7:20am my Garmin 910XT was turned on and off I went.  There have been many new things to get use to in Greenville but one that sticks out (and makes my heart beat a bit faster) the most is: HILLS - and lots of them! Aside from the Swamp Rabbit Trail, everywhere that I run has an incline and a decline. We live about 1 mile from the west end of downtown, 1/2 mile from the HS track, 2 miles from the YMCA and 1.5 miles to Falls Park. All of my favorite places to run to include hills and my quads are slowly getting use to this change.  Some of my favorite runs are when I have