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How to indulge without the guilt

  What's your favorite indulgence? I'm indifferent to ice cream, chocolate, cakes and cookies but when it comes to cinnamon rolls, banana bread or soft salty pretzels, I can't resist.  There's nothing wrong with having a comfort food. A comfort food is something that makes you feel good - it brings you comfort. Comfort foods have a strong psychological link - reducing loneliness, improving mood and possibly connecting you with childhood memories. Interestingly, comfort foods aren't connected only to emotions. For many, comfort foods are consumed because you feel you deserve a treat. Or, perhaps it's because you survived a long day or accomplished a physical feat. Maybe it's because you are celebrating a special occasion or having fun with friends. And sometimes comfort foods are turned to out of habit - without any rhyme or reason.   Sadly, comfort foods don't always bring positive emotions - sometimes they bring great shame, anxiety and guilt. Learning

Your body is not an object

  As an athlete, you may not realize how much your thoughts influence your actions.  How you think about your body matters. As I begin a new style of training for my upcoming events, I am focused on two things from my body - strength and health. But well before I decided to take on the new challenge of XTRI (think Ironman distance but more extreme weather conditions, elevation and terrain), I've always focused on developing a strong body in motion. In our body image and appearance obsessed culture that has encouraged us to place too much importance on how we look, I want to make it clear that a 'strong' body is NOT a look. Strength is something you feel. It's an action. It's not a look, a size, shape or number. The reason for this is because your body is's not an object.  When you think about or see your body and your mind immediately focuses on your flaws, what you wish looked differently or what you feel you need to fix, you are objectify

SEG Sumter Gravel Race and long workout fueling

I was really looking forward to my Saturday workout. A long ride followed by a brick run. I hadn't ridden with a group in a few weeks so I was really excited to join my friends for their 80-mile route.  Karel participated in the  South East Gravel Battle of Sumter Forest Race . This race was his first gravel race of many this year. Karel is preparing for the Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder 5-day stage race in June so every race prior is a learning opportunity. Karel spent much of Friday tinkering with his bike to get it race ready. Karel's race started at 9am and I left for my ride around 8am.  Although I had a great ride, Karel's race didn't go as well. He experienced an issue with his tubeless valve that got loose in the first gravel section of the ride. While he was able to fix it within a few minutes, he was dead last as the pack of riders flew by him with the downhill start. The gravel conditions are super rough to start this race and the valve must have bounced itsel