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St. Croix 70.3 ready! Team Sumbal race gear specs

Today was our last day of prepping for St. Croix 70.3. 2 hour bike: 40 min warm-up 3 x 20 min @ half IM watts w/ 5 min EZ in between 1 hour transition run: 2 mile warm-up (10 sec walk each mile) 5 x 1 miles at half IM pace w/ 20 sec walk in between (Because of the difficulty of the St. Croix course, with the heat and hills, pacing on the bike and run will be primarily by effort and not based on watts, speed or min/miles. I love difficult courses because these races require proper pacing and patience and the top athletes are those who slow down the least, all while knowing how to race smart in the conditions given on race day).  Yay - the training is officially done! All gear and nutrition has been practiced and perfected throughout months of training and today was the last opportunity to put everything together.  It's far too common that athletes will welcome race week with months of miles and hours logged on  Training Peaks  but have no idea as to the best pac

gRUNola bar - product review

gRUNola 100% whole grain NON GMO GLUTEN FREE DAIRY FREE GOOD SOURCE OF DIETARY FIBER Designed with the active person in mind, gRUNola is carefully formulated with teff, chia and quinoa to provide energy and nutrition without artificial ingredients and preservatives.  With a little planning and a lot of passion for real food, I know that nothing made in a factory will be as good for my body as real food. If I am in the grocery store, in need of healthy snacks, mother earth has me covered for she has a delicious selection of seasonal fruits for me to choose from, all year long.  I'd like to think that any food product manufacture that promotes a "healthy" product would not disagree that nothing beats real food. But my diet does not include an off-limit food list for there are foods I emphasize on a daily basis and other foods that are consumed under specific circumstances.  And that's why I want to talk about bars.  It's inte

Staying balanced in my busy life

The work is done.  In 11 days Karel and I get to show off months of training in St. Croix.  for our half ironman distance triathlon and our first of three key races of the season.  Although we both feel strong and prepared for this race, this recent half ironman journey has not been without obstacles. Thankfully, no injuries or sicknesses to battle but instead, a lot of major life changes.  In 19 days we will be moving 6.5 hours north to Greenville SC. After spending my life in Lexington KY and then the last 10 years  in Florida, migrating from Ft. Lauderdale to Clearwater to Dunedin to Jacksonville, we are turning a page in our book of life and starting a new chapter as we grow the  Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition  business. We have SO many exciting things planned but we just have to get through this little thing called moving first!  Life is absolutely amazing and I never want to waste a moment. But I know I am not alone that even though I love so much about life,

Happy Earth Day!

After watching one incredible 118th Boston Marathon yesterday, I couldn't be more excited to celebrate Mother Earth today.  I feel so lucky that I have fresh air to breath, fresh food to eat and clean drinking water.  Our Earth is amazing and I think many times we take it for granted.  In three weeks, Karel and I will be moving to Greenville SC. Although we are incredibly sad to leave all of our friends in our active community, we are really looking forward to a more active lifestyle. We will be able to walk/bike to almost everything that we love/need and we couldn't be more excited to walk more and to drive less. We are also excited to be moving to a city that supports cycling and is even ranked as one of the best cycling towns in America.  Lastly, the backyard of our home has a garden that is ready for me to start planting! In honor of Earth Day, here are a few tips that you may be able to implement into your lifestyle in order to help take care of Mother Ear

How to eat healthy when dining out, day after food in Lake Placid!  Veggie burger and fries for me and a meat burger for Karel. These days, you don’t need a special occasion to have someone serve you, wait on you, prepare food for you and clean up after you. Close to 50 percent of all food spending in the U.S. is at at restaurants, fast food joints, or food away from home. With food available at every corner, cooking has declined in both value and necessity. Clean-up, dirty dishes and burdensome meal planning are among the most common reasons as to why many people don't make the time to eat home- cooked meals. Throw in training for a triathlon and you have a list of excuses as to why you can’t find time to properly fuel your active lifestyle. Despite its convenience, eating out comes with many dangers. Bigger portion sizes, increased calories, sodium and fat can make frequent eating out a problem area for athletes seeking to maximize their daily nutrition,and stay lean. If an occasio