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Showing posts from October 30, 2022

The most inspiring event of my life

Over the past four days, we had the honor of being part of something incredible by someone in our Greenville cycling community. This feat may go down as one of the most inspiring physical and mental tests of endurance, strength and determination that we will ever experience.  Our friend Weston Studer spent the last days (Thursday 9am - Sunday 4pm) going up and down Paris Mountain (2.03 miles, 702.1 feet, 6.6% average grade) on his bike. Sleep deprived, exhausted, physically broken and mentally depleted, Wes completed 124 laps up Paris Mountain for a total of 508 miles and 87,100 feet of elevation.  The concept of "everesting" is to pick a hill and complete repeats of it (continuously, no sleep - unless you do more than one and then you are allowed 2 hours of sleep between attempts) until 29,028.87 feet are completed (equivalent to the height of Mt. Everest). Only 3 people in the US and 36 people in the world have completed a triple everest. Wes is now the 4th in the US. This