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Iron Girl Clearwater 10K

4th year in a row...wouldn't miss it! However, once again, no taper, my body is tired and I have to convince myself that I need to run all-out for 6.2 miles. Ughhh On Friday my mom, Campy and I picked up my stuff at the expo down at Coachman park (race venue). I gave a big hug to Judy (IG president) and I saw several other familiar faces. Judy loved Campy, as did many other people at the expo. Campy said hi to many dogs and like usual, he had a little bark and kick with his back legs to let the dogs know that he is a small dog with a big bite (even though he doesn't bite :). I had a light dinner and some fruit w/ yogurt for desert and at 10pm it was lights out. I woke up at 5:30 to start the coffee and warm my oatmeal. I didn't want a lot of food in me so I had 1/2 packet of oatmeal and raisins. Just enought to keep my tummy happy but light enough to digest easily. At 6am I made my 50 min drive to downtown clearwater and after about 15 min of waiting around, it was time for

The Rewards Of Eating Healthy

I think a lot of people battle with the feeling of "reward" after a workout, when it comes to food. You worked out therefore you can eat whatever. Sadly, it doesn't always work that way. Even with the most extreme Ironman training, you can't just eat whatever you want, whenever you want. However, there are always foods to de-emphasize and emphasize and so long that you are taking care of your heart and focusing on portions, there is always a time for a little reward every now and then. However, how about rewarding yourself with good food that will keep you looking young and feeling energized. Enjoy this article that can be found on or in the FREE monthly newsletter. The Rewards Of Eating Healthy By Marni Rakes What woman wouldn't want glowing skin and a youthful face? Yet, in an effort to fit into a smaller size of jeans or feel skinny in a new race day outfit for an upcoming event, many women focus on a number on the scale as the primary reason for

Losing those last 10-15 lbs

QUESTION: I was put on the pill in high school to help clear up skin problems and was on it for about five years during which I gained about 40 pounds. Now some of that weight was part of going to college and getting stuck with dining hall food and I'm aware of that. I switched pills about mid-way through my freshmen year (from Yasmin to generic Ortho-Tricyclin for insurance purposes) and that was when I put the bulk of the weight on. I had food cravings all the time and it was nearly impossible for me to lose the weight. I tried literally everything. Weight Watchers, South Beach, you name it I did it. I went off the pill about a year ago and have since dropped 25 pounds without making any real change to my diet (which is high in veggies and whole grains and low in saturated fats) and exercise. Intense food cravings are gone and my normal hunger signals have seemed to return. However, I can't seem to lose another pound. I've been stuck at the same weight about two months no

Protein for the vegetarian (or any athlete)

How does a vegetarian athlete get healthy protein in the diet in order to properly recover and feel satisfied at a meal? Oh-and choose to not be 100% organic/natural because she has to stay on a tight food budget in order to pay for rent, animal food, travel, races, school, etc.... What's in my kitchen right now which gives me a little to a lot of protein (no particular order) Nuts Seeds Cereal Oatmeal Mushrooms (yep-protein in those) Veggie burgers Low carb wraps High fiber bread Chickpeas Corn Sweet potato Beans Tofu Cheese Cottage Cheese String cheese Eggs (1/2 yolk with every 3 eggs I eat...I go through a lot of eggs/day) Yogurt Milk Natural Skippy PB Whey protein powder (Body Fortress from Wal-Mart) Here is a great protein-rich dinner for a vegetarian (or any athlete): Salad: Add any of the following... Strawberries Apples Grapefruit Peanuts Sunflower seeds Carrots Onions Chives Carrots Cucumber Lettuce Tofu Italian bread crumbs Tofu 1/2 tbsp olive oil Garlic Onion flakes 1/2