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Oakley Women - Napa retreat Day 1

It's never easy saying good bye to this guy (and the hubby) but I knew a lot of positive energy was waiting for me in Napa. It wa a looooong day of travel with getting up early (in the middle of the night) to drive to Orlando, to wait in ATL for 5 hours for delays and to battle San Fran rush hour traffic for over two hours to get to the resort.... But - 18 hours later.... I MADE IT! After checking into my room, I quickly changed and headed to the welcome reception and to see some new and familiar faces. It was great to meet the new 10 ambassadors for Oakley Women and although only briefly speaking to most of the last night, I know they will bring a lot to their respective communities for they each have a lot to offer in terms of performing beautifully and inspiring the world. The evening was very inspiring and we were able to preview some awesome items from the 2013 collection. Once again, Oakley Women spared NO expense to create Europe

Performing Beautifully in Napa!

Off I go to Napa for the Oakley Women Fitness Retreat!! (Silverado Resort)  Over the weekend I will be joining 100 fabulously strong, confident and passionate women for: A 5K in a vineyard, Trek Winery bike tour, great fresh food, hiking, nutrition seminar at the Culinary Institute (guess who will be doing this!!!), yoga, networking and fun...and testing the 2013 line of Oakley Women clothing and shades.   When I was picked to be an Oakley Women ambassador in 2011, I won a contest that asked me what it means to "perform beautifully" and how I inspire others to "perform beautifully".  Shortly after finishing my Dietetic Intership I got word about winning this contest wth 9 other amazing girls (Lacey, Amanda, Kim, Katie, Caitlin, Brittany, Deanna, Katie, and Francesca) who are now my close friends who are inspiring the world to live a healthier lifestyle. The best part about this lifetime opportunity last June -I received the most amazing trip to Napa j

Modified workouts due to weather

I suppose this is a good description of Florida at times during the summer. For right now we are dealing with Tropical storm Debby. I know for certain, however, no storm will seperate me and Campy.  As a triathlete, I have a selection of sports to choose from to keep me exercising indoors when weather is not corporating. For runners and cyclists. This may pose a problem if you don't have the right equipment to train indoors. Before I give a few tips on training indoors due to weather, I will first say that there is no need to waste energy on something out of your control - like weather. The great thing, believe it or not, is that you can use your energy on things that are within your control. However you may need to be a little creative and be ok with changing up your structured routine. 1. For cyclists and triathletes - I LOVE my Cyclops Powerbeam pro trainer. It is really use to tolerate for those who don't like the trainer and I love that the joule always me

How I fuel

Ok -maybe that was misleading. I should have said "How I eat." Well - then again, shouldn't we all be fueling with the food that we put into our body? For everything we eat eventually turns to energy and supports metabolic processes. Before I continue - I wanted to share my metabolism boosting, energizing cabbage slaw and B6 article from my PLATE NOT PILLS column on LAVA magazine online. B6 article and creation On Friday morning (5:15am), I had a small pre-training snack of a WASA cracker w/ a smear of PB and 1/2 banana w/ my coffee and skim milk. I sipped on water on the way to the YMCA near my parents for a leg-shaking, core-on-fire, strength workout. It didn't feel that tough when I started but the lunges, squats, deadlifts (all with free weights) and adductor/abductor machine + core/lower back/hip exercises had my legs shaking as I was putting on my swim gear. My swim was relaxing. 3 x 1000's - outside. I absolutely love swimming outdoors, especia

Weekend wrap-up

There was a wealth of valuable and credible (key word - CREDIBLE) information provided by a group of brillant individuals at the International Society of Sports Nutrition annual conference. Info presented on research, not found on blogs or from strong-minded nutrition guru's. Whereas most of the population hears info like this "the amino acids in protein will help you recover faster after a workout", this is what I hear at the ISSN conference from the PhD's: "Essential amino acids (EAA), particularly leucine, also have been shown to activate the mTOR signaling pathway, which turns on the translational machinery necessary for muscle protein synthesis in both rodent and human models. Recently, it was shown that EAA apparently activate mTOR via a unique class 3 phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K), hVps34, which stimulates mTOR by an unknown mechanism, bypassing the insulin-induced activation of mTOR through Akt. However, mTOR activation due to nutrient intake o