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Pre-race nutrition: Train like you compete

Training is easy. You feel great when you get your endorphin boost, you can control your environment (or select your terrain), there is no pressure because no one is watching or tracking you and you know that if a workout doesn't go as planned, you always have tomorrow to try again. On the other hand, race day is stressful! Competition, and being in an unfamiliar and/or uncontrolled environment, brings anxiety, nerves and expectations. It's easy to compare yourself to other athletes and experience a heightened fear of failure. Never in training do you feel what you feel on race day and that is why only a select number of athletes can compete better than they train. Far too many athletes will finish a race feeling like they underperformed, relating back to all the amazingly great workouts that they crushed, yet feel defeated as to why they were unable to perform on race day, despite feeling so prepared.  One of the great challenges for triathletes is translating trainin

Athlete spotlight: Elizabeth Kenny: Police Chief inspiring her daughters to always "tri" hard and never give up.

Name : Elizabeth Kenny Age:  48 years old City/State:  Saint Johns, Florida Primary sport : Running and triathlon How many years in the sport: 9 years What Trimarni services have you used: RETUL, training plan, nutrition consult, coaching ----------------------------------------------------------------- Describe your athletic background and how you discovered your current sport? I have been an athlete all my life. I grew up participating in team sports like basketball, volleyball, and softball. I played basketball in college and then I coached high school level basketball for 5 years. I always ran to stay in cardio-shape for other sports, so once my basketball days came to an end, it was an easy transition to become more serious about running. I started with local 5k's and then progressed up to marathons. At the age of 39 I had a neighbor talk me into entering my first sprint triathlon. I had never done organized swimming or been on a fan

Weekend workouts - Building confidence for race day

Confidence as an athlete is having a strong belief in your ability to achieve your athletic goals. Confidence keeps you focused, motivated, focused and positive, even when obstacles are in your way or setbacks occur. Confidence keeps you excited to embrace challenging and pressure situations/workouts as you remain emotionally in control. Confident athletes think differently about workouts, obstacles and uncomfortable situations. Confident thinking is key for athletic success. For many athletes, negative and doubtful thinking influences performance, ultimately sabotaging your potential to improve and to perform to your ability. Whether it's low self esteem, self doubt or fear of failure, it's important to explore your inner doubter that is keeping you from thinking positively in order to build your confidence.  One of the best confidence boosters is preparation. While training and checking off workouts counts as preparation, athletic readiness also includes the tech