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I need a nap!

I've needed a nap since last weekend! Training is tough and I am beat! I keep pushing and pushing....but I'm FINALLY seeing results! Tuesday was a not so bad (intensity) but I got in around 3400 meters. The run was followed by the normal treadmill speed workout and I busted my butt for 3 minutes at 8.8 mph and 2 x 1:30 at 9.5-9.8 mph. I repeated the set 3 times. I actually felt really strong and finished the day with an hour EASY spin. Wed morning was the day...the day I needed a nap! Any normal wed I would have taught my 45 minute spin class and followed it with a 1500 meter swim and weight lifting. Wed evening is usually the Gearlink landsbrook ride so I rest up all day for that crazy fast ride. Well, on 4th of July my morning started off the same but I was more than tired all day for a very good reason. As a treat for my spin class, I had decided a couple weeks ago that I would do an hour spin with them (for the first time) starting at 5:30am. So I got up at my normal tues/t

What a weekend!

I just had to put up this pic!! One of my favorites from IM FL 70.3! My "recovery" week went really well. Thank goodness for rain that I didn't feel any guilt when missing my afternoon workouts last week. I wanted to take it easy so I thought the only way I could reduce my volume is to only workout once a day. I kinda enjoyed having an extra 10 or so hours last week but I kept myself busy with a lot of nutrition consultations and work for Beginner Triathlete. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were normal workouts and my body felt quite relaxed as of Friday morning. Went for a nice 2 hour ride to Howard Park, with 1 hour of intervals at a semi-hard pace. Got off the bike for a 40 minute run, including 10 x 1 minute bursts with 1 minute easy jog. Feeling really strong off the bike and I strongly believe in the brick workouts. I never wake up in the morning and just run because it is nice to run with warm muscles after I swim or bike. Also, I have had no injuries for the past coup