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The alarm went off at 4:35am. I was a bit tired but it was good that I taped idol and made myself get into bed at 9:15am. It didn't take Karel too long to get into bed and hit the sack. I use to think it was pathetic that we went to bed so early but I think sleep is so important to training that is should never be overlooked. Ok, so maybe 9:15pm is a bit early but usually I'm in bed before 10pm. I got myself ready for my spin class while my coffee was warming and I was out the door at 4:55am. My spin class was phenomenol today..not because of me teaching it but because my students were absolutely on fire today. We were sweating by warm-up and even with the two fans going we looked like we had just biked outside in mid-afternoon..we were toasted! After a 5-6 minute warm-up of spinning the legs and getting out of the saddle for some running in position 2 (hands on the bar right in front of you with your body over the saddle, position three hands on the side handlebars with chest

Interval Tuesdays!!

For the last two years i have been doing brick interval workouts on tuesdays. When I was training for IMFL in 06 I took a 45 min spin class and then jumped on the treadmill for a speed workout (usually 45 min-1 hour). Last year when I was training for Kona I did an hour swim and then ran either outside or on the treadmill. Now it is 2008 and I am still doing intervals but I have decided to run first, then swim. Now that I am back and enjoying the process of getting back speed (I love to push myself and feel the burn!) I live for Interval Tuesdays. One thing I like about doing intervals on tuesday is that I feel fresh after having Monday as my "recovery day". I usually do something active on mondays (swim, bike or running) but I just do whatever I feel like. If I want to just rest and not do anything, then I just do nothing. I don't like to say "off" day but rather an active "recovery" day is what works best for me. I'm sure others can unde

The lucky shorts

On Friday morning I did my long swim of the week (A new part of my training) and swam a 4000. I felt great and it went by fast because I was accompanied by a group of fast guys for the first hour and therefore I was pushed for the first 3100. On saturday morning I was up around 6am and decided to run/swim for my sat. morning workout. In order to be sure I swam after the run I needed to be at the Y so I wouldn't skip out. It's tough to finish a workout at home and then drive somewhere else to do another workout...I have discipline but not that much on a sat after a long run. I jumped on the treadmill and 7 and the plan was 10 miles (yes Jen H. all on the treadmill and I only read 1 magazine!!). I walked the first 5 minutes and then started running. I had my lucky shorts on (always have good workouts in them) and the entire run felt great. I wouldn't say effortless but I felt really strong and I was doing a few interval sets at 8mph. Again, I felt like I could pick up the pac