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National Donut Day I am really going to write about donuts. :) Actually, this is a perfect day to talk about some of the delicious food choices that are featured on every other TV commercial. Maybe I am just hungry when I watch TV in the evenings but I can't tell you how many yummy ads I see on tv. Yummy, that is, until I check the nutritional value on the computer. So, if these ads are tempting even the healthiest eater (ME) I am sure every person reading my blog (and more) are contemplating about some of these sweet treats I see on TV. Not only are there sweet treats but I have seen some "healthy" ads which make me wonder....are these foods really as healthy as they seem???? Dunkin Donuts: 1 Glazed Donut Sure, there are no trans fats in the donut but I ask you to read the list of ingredients and correctly pronounce everything that is in the donut that you are eating. And, with 21% of the donut being Saturated fat (at 4.5 grams) and 90 calories from fat, I think you may reco

Training and Traveling

Training I don't have much to talk about because I am a little unfocused for training. I have been staying busy swimming, biking and running but I find myself just doing it and not really feeling like I have to do it. I kinda like just going out and doing one or two sports every morning and coming back hot and sweaty. Since the Y is so close I have been taking advantage of my guest pass and running to the Y. After a 18 min run I am ready to get in the pool. Yesterday I ran to the Y, did 15 min. on the treadmill and then jumped in the pool for a 2000 swim. I then put on my clothes and ran home all wet. Karel was confused when I came in with my hair wet and out of breath. On Tuesday morning I biked with karel. I wasn't feeling the ride when we started but once I found myself hanging on to his wheel (we were both on our road bikes) I was really enjoying his company. It helps to have him tell me that I'm doing well so I find that inner coach in Karel coming out when we are toge

gatorade athlete of the month

Calling all nominations!!!! Please email me I'm looking for the next athlete for my inspirational person that you feel is deserving of the column. If your nomination isn't choosen (one per month) I am sure they are still deserving of the title :) thanks! *I will take 3-4 nominations for the next few columns for the summer.

Birthday Weekend Recap

Since I already talked about my love/hate relationship with time trials I will move on to the rest of Saturday. After the race we were all in need for food so among our choices in the interesting town of Union City, GA we all went to IHOP. Of course, with 4 healthy cyclists and 1 triathlete (ok, cyclist for the weekend) we all ordered egg beater omelets and a stack (3) of whole grain pancakes w/ sugar free syrup. After a few re-fills of water, we cleaned our plates (all but me w/ the small belly who had to save 2 pancakes and half of my mushroom omelete w/ no cheese for later) and headed to the hotel. I think all the guys (well, the ones in my room, Karel and Cody) took a nap and I was on the computer during the afternoon working on school work. The crit for the evening was about 2 miles from us, if that, so we all rode our bikes to the race. It was in the back of a mall on a semi-rolling street which looped around in the back of the mall parking lot. The guys did well with Curtis plac