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Ride Wet or Go Home

This morning was eventful. Woke up at 5:50am with a little bit of a head cold but i was determined to get on my bike for a long ride. I headed out at 6:30am and felt the rain drops around 6:45am. Kept going in the sprinkles until the down pour came. I was soaking wet and stopped at a Hess station cause I was riding on a major road (54) in the lightening. I was on my way to the suncoast trail to ride (one of our great trails for cyclists/runners) to meet Christian, a guy that I know. He saw me at Hess and picked me and Seduza up and we headed for the trail in his car (about 3 miles down from where I stopped). If you know me at all, I just hate driving my bike somewhere to ride when instead I can just jump on my bike and ride ride ride. However, by the time we got to the trail, the rain had stopped. I was soaking wet, his wife was calling him telling him that he was crazy to ride in the rain, but we still wanted to ride. And, it wasn't the time. We jumped on our bikes

Miami Marathon Recap - 1/28/07

Well, that's right-no finish time for the miami marathon. I never thought it would happen to me.... For the first time ever, I got injured during a race. Even worse, first time I have been injured since I started training for triathlons/marathons. What a Bummer! The marathon, all together, wasn't the best for me. Started out really rough, standing for over 30 min before the start in the pouring rain, only to start the race with soaking wet shoes and the rain to finally stop. Next part of the the race, which went bad, was when I ran up the first huge causeway and my shins and calves starting killing me. QUads hurt, everything hurt really...well, except my heart. HEart rate was fine and I wasn't showing any signs of fatigue, besides in my legs. However, I ran through it, stopped in 3 port o potties, then at mile 11, I felt like i Had just started running! I was a brand new women. I guess that is why I love endurance events. Nothing like a 11 mile warm-up! From miles 11-19 I