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A vegetarian Thanksgiving (anytime recipes)

  We started off the day with a ~3 hour bike ride on our road bikes. We left around 10am and the weather was weird - misty, grey, not too warm, not too cold. We welcomed the fresh crisp air and took in the beautiful sights of nature, farm animals and fall colors. It's incredible that after six years of living in Greenville, SC we are still discovering new routes. Although our country roads are typically pretty quiet from cars, this recent ride treated us with no more than ten cars passing us over just over 50 miles.  After we returned home around 1:30pm, I cleaned up, had a meal and then got to work in the kitchen. While Thanksgiving food centers around traditions, I see this holiday as a way to create memories over food. And there's no better way to create positive memories than around delish food that feels just as good on the taste buds as it does in the belly.  I wanted to share the recipes that I used to create the dishes that I prepared for Thanksgiving. These recipes are

Thanksgiving feels different - it's ok.

This picture means so much to me. It's a picture of my dad cutting the Thanksgiving Turkey in my parents house in New Port Richey, Florida and Campy waiting for pieces of Turkey to "accidentally" drop from the sky. It was my last Thanksgiving with my dad.  My dad was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic cancer to his spine in June 2013. He had major spinal surgery a few weeks later and was not given a good diagnosis if he would ever walk again and the survival rate of this type of aggressive cancer was not good. My dad was fit, otherwise healthy and active. He was also very stubborn and positive.  My dad worked extremely hard to learn how to walk again. After 3 months with a spine brace, wound vac and walker (and assistance with all daily activities) and loads of medications, radiation and dad continued improving his strength and was able to move around the house by Thanksgiving (November 2013) with his walker - all by himself. My dad passed away 3 days before

The holidays and disordered eating

  Picture source. Holly Harris.  The holidays can be a stressful time for those in eating disorder or disordered eating recovery. The current pandemic certainly adds another level of stress, anxiety and worry during this holiday season.  Holiday meals can be triggering for those who seek control over food and have (or had) an unhealthy relationship with food and the body. Eating with others (even virtually) may bring an overwhelming amount of uncomfortable feelings. Whether you are afraid of gaining weight, trying new foods or binge eating, you dread the uneasy body image and diet conversations with family or you fear being unable to "burn off" the calories with your typical early morning T-day workout, you may find it hard to be kind to yourself during this holiday season.  Although I am not advocating eating with members outside of your household (remember - we still have a deadly and highly contagious virus spreading quickly throughout our country), here are a few tips to

Race Report: Lake Summit 10-mile race

  In early August, Karel and I registered for the inaugural Lake Summit 10-mile gravel trail running race. We assumed this would be one of our last races of the 2020 season but four weeks later we registered for the Florida Xtreme Triathlon (that race recap is still a work in progress - coming soon!). Because there was only six days between the finish of our 300+ mile event and then 10-mile race, we didn't consider actually showing up for the event until Wednesday last week. After finally feeling more normal again and catching up on a lot of missed sleep, I did a short jog on the treadmill on Thursday and had no aches or niggles. Feeling good about my recovery, I decided that I would show up for the race and just run it for fun. Karel was also feeling really good after the race and did a short jog on Friday just to test the legs. All was good.  On the morning of the race (Saturday), we woke up around 5:25am and had our normal/typical pre race meal (Oatmeal/fruit/nut mix for Karel