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Zucchini Carrot Muffins

I didn't want you all to have to wait for my Oh-so-delicious muffins to fuel your lifestyle and workout routine. Just enough sweetness from the veggies without sacrificing any flavor by using very little sugar. I went into this recipe semi-blind as to what I would add as I was "creating" this recipe in my mixing bowl...but when analyzing the nutrition facts with my diet analysis software program (as a request by my neighbor who wanted to know what he was eating when I told him I made him "healthy" muffins - Yes, I am known as the "healthy" one by my non-tri friends around where I live and all our neighbors think we are crazy, getting up early, running with campy and riding in cold weather - but it's all in good fun!) when looking at the nutrition facts, I was pleased to see how balanced these muffins turned out! I am so excited to share this recipe and enjoy these muffins on the way down South to Delray Beach. Often, Karel's riding buddies

Edamame and tofu salad for a speedy cyclist

I'm sad to miss the Gate River Run this year but super excited to watch Karel compete in the Delray Beach Twilight Festival this weekend! More info can be found on the Delray Festival Website . If you are in town or in the area, I highly recommend watching the Pro race, which will feature some of the top pro teams and riders in the country. The race starts at 8:15pm and will last until 9:45pm. That's right....Karel and a hundred or so other cyclists will be suffering and trying to buffer lactic acid while riding at their max capacity for 90 minutes...all while trying to avoid crashes due to four corners on each loop and every rider fighting for his own position. Karel will be racing for 80K...on a 1K course. I'll do some of the math for you....that's around 50 miles in 90 minutes, give or take a mile or two. Here's a video of the Athens Twilight Pro Criterium that Karel finished last was one of the most memorable days for me as Karel had started the race

Mango broccoli slaw

After one-year of working as a YMCA wellness coordinator, teaching spin classes and doing personal training..and training for my first Ironman, I was desiring more education in the field of nutrition. Particularly, I felt very strong in my sport nutrition knowledge due to my Master of Science education but I felt very limited in my knowledge of vitamins and minerls. I always wanted to know more about what is really in food, particularly, the science of food and how it affects the body. I find this info on Powerbar website, very informative. Specifically the Table on Vitamins and Minerals Vitamins and minerals are found in food (as we know) and the more you eat, the more you provide your body. Thanks to their beautiful colors, fruits and veggies offer a wide selection of powerful nutrients but in a varied diet, you can obtain a wide host of nutrients to support your fitness needs. If you are an athlete (or fitness enthusiast) seeking performance gains, I recommend to always prioritize y

Adult-friendly "diets" - portion distortion

Yesterday I had the honor of being invited by my friend Alexia, to listen to Dr Judith Rodriguez speak at the Us group's 9th annual luncheon and lecture. The topic was "weigh your choices". Eat right for lifelong health and weight management. Dr. Rodriguez discussed popular diets, the red flags for what may appear to be "healthy" but is simple another "fad" diet and tips as to how to control and manage eating and weight. Although the info was not all new to me, there were a few key statements that I took away, as well as a different point of view and way to view food. One of the most popular discussed topics was the issue of portion distortion. "It's not about where you eat, but how you eat" says Dr. Rodriquez. Adults seeking body composition changes, performance gains or improvements in overall health often blame the issue of being "unhealthy" on bad food. Courtesy of and

Kid-friendly nutrition

What a busy Monday morning. Two presentations. Two totally different audiences. My first talk was at Oceans Palms Elementary. One hundred and sixty kiddos were selected to participate in a health and wellness talk by an "Ironman athlete". The kids were hand selected based on demonstrating two of the schools' pillars: Caring and Trustworthiness. When I was asked to speak to the school, I hoped for a March opening.....what better than to speak to the kids during National Nutrition Month! With many of the kids training for their first kids triathlon, I knew they would be excited to see some of my toys, so I couldn't resist bringing in my bike, aero helmet, Ironman medals and sunglasses. I am not a professional athlete but the kids sure did make me feel like one! I decided to show a Youtube video of the Ironman "You will do this" that always sends chills down my body when I watch it on the 2 nights before an Ironman. The kids likewise thought it was SO COOL.....

Wholesome navigating while food shopping

Not everyone has access to a weekly farmers market or can buy all foods from a farmer. For many people, the grocery store can be overwhelming, time consuming and costly. If you are local in the Jacksonville area, I'd love for you to join me for a group or private grocery store tour at Winn Dixie (off 210). With a variety of wholesome selections, the following topics will be discussed during the tour (in addition to your questions as the tour continues): 1) How to understand a food label 2) What ingredients should you de-emphasize in the diet (research supported) 3) Ideas for satisfying, healthy and wholesome snacks for kids (and parents) 4) Education as to how to build a healthy plate - to eat more nutrient dense foods without weight gain 5) How to choose the good, better, best options *Free samples will be included in the tour *Next tour: WED MARCH 7th, 2012 @ 9:30 AM For more info on Spa me nutrition counseling and grocery store tours or to reserve a spot in the tour, please cal

A little motivation....

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