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She looks like me - female athlete role models

Photo: @ingo_kutsche_photo When it comes to women in sport, having relatable role models is extremely important. Seeing is believing. When you see a female athlete achieving a goal and you can identify with her, you can believe that you too can also achieve the same things. You have to see it to be it.  Photo: Grant Halverson, Getty Images Many female athletes struggle with body image issues. In today's society, mainstream media has an unhealthy obsession with the "ideal" body type. Far too many athletes are bombarded with unrealistic images of how an athlete body should look. Thin arms, toned legs, firm butt, defined abs. Constant exposure to an idealized body type can lead to lower self-esteem and eating disorders.  As a sport dietitian, tri coach and accomplished triathlete, I use my platform to empower women of all body shapes, sizes and types to feel comfortable in their bodies. My hope is that commentators, media, coaches and the athletic population as a whole can b

Our COVID experience - a detailed recap

I started this blog post on September 10th but hesitated to publish it before our trip to Utah. At the time, I was still feeling rundown from COVID. And with a lot of pre-race nerves, emotions, thoughts and feelings, I didn't want to put anything into the universe that I wasn't feeling my normal self. Looking back, I am really surprised that Karel and myself were able to perform like we did despite overcoming COVID just a few weeks from the race. And I feel we were a bit overzealous asking our body to perform (again) just a week later at the Xterra event in Snow Basin. Although we were able to complete two epic events in the span of 7-days, the dry air, altitude, residual covid symptoms and overall fatigue and soreness really caught up to us. We were both absolutely smashed for a few days after returning home from Utah. I have really struggled since my last two races - both physically and mentally.  After three weeks, I am finally feeling more like myself. Karel recovered a lit