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Shop Small Saturday

We are lucky that we live in a town that thrives off small business. If you ever get the chance to visit downtown Greenville, you will be so impressed with the variety of shops and restaurants that crowd the streets of our beautiful downtown. "Main Street Greenville promotes historic preservation and economic development, resulting in a cultural downtown district that attracts and retains businesses and entrepreneurs, making downtown a desirable destination." As a small business owner, I know how hard it is to build a small company in a big business world. But then again, everything big starts small. I encourage you to shop small this Saturday - even if it's just a cup of coffee or small gift for a friend, the small business that you support will greatly benefit from your support. What's your favorite small business?

Happy Thanksgiving!!

May this holiday season bring you love to your heart, health to your body, happiness to your soul and and peace and joy to your home. From our homes to yours, wishing everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! ~The Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition team Marni, Karel, Joe and Joey

4 tips for a satisfying Thanksgiving feast

Overeating and overdrinking. This doesn't sound healthy, right? For many, Thanksgiving is a day to surround yourself with family and friends, all while consuming a smorgasbord of food in a short period of time. Although "a day of giving thanks for the blessings of the harvest and of the preceding year", Thanksgiving is a holiday that makes it socially acceptable to binge eat. Regardless if you have a meat or vegan feast, Thanksgiving is known to be the holiday in which you have the permission to indulge and eat with reckless abandon. But knowing how binge eating and overeating makes you feel, is it really worth it to eat until you are stuffed on Thanksgiving?  Maybe because I've spent the last 25 Thanksgiving's as a vegetarian, but this holiday doesn't make me think "food" but instead, "family." I think back to many Thanksgiving holidays with my mom and dad, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin and grandparents and it was always a fun time to

Paris Mountain 20K road race recap

With Paris Mountain standing just a few miles away from our house, we have the opportunity to bike (or run) up the mountain anytime we want. Here's a picture (below) of my ride on Thursday, when I did 4 x 9 min heavy gear (45-50 rpm) intervals up Paris Mountain (and descended 3 minutes down between each interval). With no lookout point to stop at on the mountain, it's an added bonus to bike riding when we can enjoy the views and get in a great workout at the same time. Once a year in Nov/Dec, the Greenville Track Club puts on the "toughest race in the south" with a 20K road race that goes up and over Paris Mountain and covers 2500 vertical feet of elevation gain, 89 curves and a few hills over 15% grade. For any athlete who likes a challenge, this is the race for you. This year, the race was the host of the 2017 Road Runners Club of America South Carolina 20K championship. In 2015, Karel and I participated in the race and enjoyed using our triathlon resilie