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Logistics: 3 day, 3 stage, coast to coast triathlon across Florida.

  Before I get into our actual race recap, I wanted to share how we went about the logistics of this event. As you can imagine, this triathlon event was unlike any other past event. Not only did we need a crew to transport our gear in our car from stage to stage (and to help us stay well fueled and hydrated) but we also had to move our stuff from hotel to hotel to hotel, we had three separate transition areas for swim to bike and three completely different transition areas for bike to run. This required a lot of packing and repacking, planning and organizing.  Having never done this type of event before, I was very thankful that the Xtreme Tri staff provided us with hotel suggestions (and discounted rates) which made it easy to plan out where to stay. Although we typically don't stay in hotels when we race (we prefer an Airbnb for the kitchen and space), the hotel option made the most sense for an easy check in and check out (and less effort searching for a place to stay). Since we

Florida Xtreme Triathlon - quick recap

  Wow. I can't believe what we just accomplished.  When Karel told me about the Xtreme triathlon event, it sounded like a challenging event. While we were challenged in ways that we have never experienced before, there was so much more to this event that we didn't expect.  Before I give a quick recap of the event, I need to give a huge thank you to our support crew - which was our friend and athlete Alvaro. Al took time away from work, family and his own training to help us navigate through the logistics of this point to point to point event. We could not have done this event without his support, videos, pictures, cheers, encouragement and ability to know what we needed at any point in the race.  I'd also like to give a big shoutout to the Xtreme Triathlon and SommerSports crew, volunteers and staff. Every person involved in the event showed professionalism, enthusiasm and encouragement. This was a legit race with official timing, start and finish signs at the transition ar