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Showing posts from October 31, 2010

Florida Cycling State Road Race

This past weekend was the last official cycling race of the Florida Cycling racing series. What a LONG season. Karel typically races in early Feb and then takes a short break in mid summer and then finishes up the cycling season in the fall. This year Karel finished his last official race a week after I did IMWI. Karel had an excellent race, finishing 2nd and guaranteed his win as Florida Cup Pro 1,2 Series Champion. The State Road Race was not on Karel's to-do list but since the award banquet was on sat evening (after the age-group road race) he decided to race both on sat and sun (category road race). As I mentioned in a previous post, Karel has been spending much of his off-season drinking beer (opps..don't think I mentioned that) as well as lifting, doing plyo's, mountain biking and fixed gear riding. There have been a few runs and swims in his off-season routine as well. Not so much road biking but we did ride together a few times in the past month. Even though Karel w

Crockpot Veggie, Brown Rice and Bean Soup and Spicy Homemade Cornbread -Creations

This is just what I needed after a long day of interning. It was a breezy 80-degrees yesterday so I'm thinking that this recipe is going to comfort all of my blog readers who live outside of Florida. When it comes to comfort food, I think we all associate the comforting food with a former memory or habit. In order to change a few old eating habits, try adding some of your favorite treats to your heart-healthy recipes. It may take some time weaning yourself away from old favorites, but eventually I think you will find yourself gravitating more towards wholesome foods and less towards processed (or high fat) options. We had some leftover Sun Chips from my Theme menu a few weeks ago so I decided to top our soup with a little crunch from the chips. If you are a salty or crunchy eater, topping a bowl full of veggies is a perfect way to incorporate something old with something new. The cornbread was super spicy. It was a little dense because I used whole wheat flour but when served warme

The Quality Protein

Although I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian there is no part of my diet that is short on protein. From peanut butter and nuts to cottage cheese, cheese, eggs, milk, vegetarian meats, tofu, beans, lentils, whey protein and greek/low fat yogurt...I sure do love my protein. Considering that my diet is primarily plant-based, I enjoy rounding out my meals and snacks with high fiber carbohydrates (ex. whole grains) as well as healthy fats and good sources of vegetarian protein. One of the essential proteins in my diet (as well as for Karel) is whey protein. There is always a container of whey protein in my kitchen. Even if I am not training intensely in the off-season (or high volume during the week), whey protein is an excellent complete protein to help me meet my daily protein needs and when necessary, quickly repair after workouts. Considering that I have used whey protein since college, I am thrilled with the amount of scientific research done on whey protein in relation to the elderly, indi