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Diet, exercise, health: Myth or Fact? Your questions answered!

You'd think that everyone in our nation would like to be healthier, more fit and eat better but that's not always the case. There are some individuals who are happy just the way they are but if you are reading this blog right now, it's likely that you have a diet, exercise or health-related goal and you are seeking information on how to accomplish that goal.  In the quest of health/nutrition/exercise-related information, it's likely that you are in information overload. Your search engine has seen hundreds of websites, blogs and article links over the past few years and although some of the information may be credible, effective and appropriate, it's likely that a lot of the information you have read (and continue to read) on the internet is not very reliable (and often times, very unhealthy).  Now a day, it's hard to decipher what is factual or false because there are many sources to receive information. There are books, magazines, the media, telev

My road to becoming a dietitian.....Happy National RD Day!!!

When I was growing up, I always loved science. As a student athlete through middle school until the end of college, I always loved being active with my body. I suppose at a very young age, I was destined for a career that combined my love of science and the human body in motion.  When I learned about biology in middle school, I thought a career as a marine biologist would be perfect for me because I loved animals. When I learned about human anatomy in high school (1996-2000), I thought that medical school would be perfect for me because I loved the human body and helping people. When I learned about human physiology during exercise in college at Transylvania University (2000-2004) while earning a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science and a Minor in Psychology, I thought that strength and conditioning would be a perfect career for me because I loved helping a body get stronger in order to perform better. When I learned about exercise physiology and sport nutrition in graduate sc

Don't miss it! Sport nutrition #Empirechat with @USATRIATHLON

Saving calories during workouts to lose weight Avoiding/minimizing carbohydrates to burn body fat Afraid of sport nutrition because of the sugars Feeling lethargic during workouts and overeating post workout Bonking, dehydration, cramping, unintentional weight loss/gain Are you struggling to fuel your body to support your metabolic needs before, during and after training? Do you struggle with developing a healthy relationship with food and your body? Are you looking to maximize performance gains through nutrient timing? Be sure to follow me on Twitter @Trimarnicoach  and tune-in on Thursday 3/13/14 from 12-1pm and look for my responses on popular sport nutrition-related questions/topics. Check out #empirechat and @usatriathlon to have your sport nutrition questions answered.  Also -   Be sure to check out the April issue of Triathlete Magazine pg 68-69. I'm so proud of this article for it's the most comprehensive article I have ever written so that YOU

Workouts fueled by patience and Trimarni blueberry coconut muffins

I knew it was going to be a tough weekend, mentally and physically.  But through our "train smart" plan, I knew that the timing was right and that I was ready for this weekend's workouts (after a challenging week of training).  I had worked really hard for several weeks in order to execute this weekend. With our "train smart" approach to training, one of the most important characteristics that is required is patience. With a masters degree in exercise physiology, I feel I have a good understanding of how to develop a practical and effective training plan. However, with so many variables to consider with training - intensity, frequency, duration, recovery - the athlete that wants to succeed must be patient with a well-formulated plan.  This is also true for any individual who works hard for results.  Karel and myself, along with our athletes, love to work hard. We are all very disciplined, we manage our time well to keep life balanced as age group