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Green beans, Soo Foo blend and your choice of protein -Creations

It's really easy for Karel and myself to enjoy vegetarian meals. Even if Karel eats meats, his diet is primarily meat-based. I try to plan my protein choice for my meal, before I think about the rest of the meal. Once I decide on my protein, I then balance the meal with fruits/veggies, healthy fats and carbohydrates. I try to listen to my body and reflect on the day as I plan dinner. Depending on my workout for the day and upcoming workout, I can adjust macronutrients as needed. I received a sample of SooFoo brown rice, grains and lentils and it is super delicious. If you are a rice or lentil lover, I highly recommend this product. You can buy it online: The ingredients for the 16 oz (1lb bag) include only the following: -Long grain brown rice -Brown lentils -Wheat Berries -Oats -Barley -Black lentils -Rye Berries -Green lentils -Buckwheat Talk about an ingredient list good for the heart. More like EXCELLENT for the heart. Soo Foo rice is not only for dinner but

New Year Changes

Finally...the 2011 Iron Girl Race Calendar is official!!! A Half Marathon in Clearwater on April 10th!! COUNT ME IN!! My mom typically walks/jogs the 5K so we should both be there. Gotta love the beautiful Clearwater beach venue...oh yeah, and that bridge/causeway that we have to run over!! Registration opens on Dec. 31st for all Iron Girl events (except Columbia which is already filled) so get your credit card and typing fingers ready....the events will fill up fast! I won't be able to attend Iron Girl Atlanta (it would have been my 4th year in a row!) because my brother is graduating with his Masters from Carnegie Mellon on the same day. I will be sure to cheer from Pitt, PA. for all the future Iron Girls in my favorite, and most challenging, short-course race. Check out IRONGIRL.COM for the listing of all Iron Girl events. It wasn't very hard for me to come up with a topic for my Dec. Iron Girl article. The month before and after the New Year can often be a stressful and/or

Thanksgiving Feast - Vegetarian style! - Creations

It was the 5 of us for Thanksgiving. Karel, me, Campy, Smudla and Madison. Four meat eaters and a vegetarian. Ok, so three out of four of the meat eaters are furry little ones but they still count....there was plenty of the 11 lb turkey to go around. As for the rest of the dinner, we all enjoyed lots of vegetarian side items. It was very important to me that I prepared a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, as if I was serving my family or friends. Just because it was only Karel and me and I am a vegetarian, I have lots to be thankful for this year and I just love creating new recipes of old favorites. I hope you enjoy my heart-healthy twists on some traditional sides for Thanksgiving. I must say...the meal was super yummy!!! Turkey Coma....

Name in Print

In 2007, I wrote my very first published article. My mentor at the time mentioned to me that was looking for an article about protein. About half way into my graduate program, my PhD mentor asked if I wanted to write the article. A little overwhelmed, I was excited for the opportunity. Having only written a few newsletter articles for the YMCA (where I worked in Lexington, KY for the summer as a fitness specialist) I was really nervous about writing this article about a fairly new topic for me. My mentor introduced me to the world of sports nutrition and he had me doing a lot of research in the area of protein, creatine and beta alanine. With a new topic comes new knowledge and I always love learning new things in the arena of health, fitness, exercise physiology and nutrition. Oh, did I mention that they paid me to write the article!!! As a graduate student, my mouth nearly dropped to the floor when I heard I was going to get paid to write an article. Wow...perhaps I

Favorite Things

Recently, Iron Girl sent out a Holiday Shopping list that was filled with awesome gift ideas. I quickly called Karel because his favorite cream was listed on the list...with a discount code!! Karel absolutely loves Flex Power Muscle and Joint Relief Cream . He likes that the cream doesn't leave your legs and hands all greasy, the cream doesn't have a strong smell (if any smell at all) and that it feels really refreshing after you rub it on your tight muscles. He also believes that it really relaxes your legs. We both like BioFreeze and are quick to grab free-samples at cycling and triathlon races but Karel always has a bottle of Flex Power in his work and cycling bag. We found out that if you put in the IGHOLIDAY code when placing your order, you actually receive a FREE 4oz cream (not the 2oz that is listed in the promotion email). What a great deal. This is costly cream so buy 1 get 1 free is an excellent deal!!! I LOVE a good deal. I recently received the l